Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Herald: Racist and built to stay that way.

First you had them calling former DOC Superintendent John Boone "Boone the Coon" in the 70's. Then in the 90's you have this:

"Under Massachusetts law, non-white job applicants were injured by employer's unlawful employment practice in using application form which requested applicants to list names of their friends and relatives at the predominately-white company, though non-white applicants were not given such application form and, thus, were not indirectly asked about their race, as those who received the application form at issue and listed names of friends and relatives, thereby indicating that they were white, were more likely to be hired. M.G.L.A. c. 151B, § 4, subd. 3."

Well at least Joanna Marinova is going to kick their butts in Marinova v. Boston Herald et al., watch the video.

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