Saturday, October 9, 2010

KingCast watches Harold Clarke, 5 DOC CO's take a powder on election eve, just after the alleged CO's beating of a young black man at MCI Norfolk.

Governor Patrick has his work cut out for him in order to prevent our prison system from being shrouded in secrecy, which he specifically stated he does not want, at the town hall meeting last year, above. In addition to Clarke's rapid departure, there is this bit of fun: While I was not able to attend the First Marinova v. Herald hearing last week, I know that all of the managers, like 5 or more that the Herald subpoenaed are all MIA.... I had ordered the Death Certificate of the head perp months ago, cardiac arrest if I recall correctly -- but what of the others? These people went and got the hell out of Dodge, I'm telling you. This case is deeper than most people realize, and perhaps even deeper than I even thought, and that's DEEP. Click here for your back story.

As to the Clarke resignation, I keep thinking to myself.... What that (hell) is going on here.... As if Deval didn't have enough crap to deal with right now other than this. Successful prison reform activist Darrell Jones is asking the same question, and trying to provide a prescriptive plan but nobody seems to be listening.

How Governor Patrick handles this situation will define his career in many ways. Clarke was his boy, but he had his own questionable policies (read: double-bunking) and the system has considerable indifference to reform in general to say the least. This dossier reveals a mixed bag of treats for Clarke, good on inmate programs but niggardly on public information requests. Says Jones (full document and audio to ministers coming):
"I just got word that you resigned on this Saturday October 9th, 2010. How could you come to Massachusetts, sell us the hope that something will change, then the fight gets thick and one day after the report of a black male being jumped at this Prison (MCI Norfolk) and beaten badly- all the Spanish and Black inmates are walking around here worried about it. I have tried to tame them and keep telling them that something is going to change so they should “hold tight”........
How could you not wait until the Governor election was over to announce that? Why now? Why did you come here and promise reform or is this the only State that can not be reformed? This happened with Boone and Dennehy as they were trying to reform the Prisons and now you leave in the middle of reforming it after everyone spent so much to get you here.......
I was able to get gang-members together to speak out against this violence. I was able to get them on albums and working together, I was able to direct them into a positive space- just check my record. Let’s tell people the truth! I am just one man and there are others who do it, but you are the only one who has the OBLIGATION to do so! And Governor Patrick: Is everyone who was down the ladder now move up?.........
I am calling on the Governor and these Reverends to listen to Kay Khan and get an Oversight Committee before we all die in here because Massachusetts Corrections is being run like a gangster organization."
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  1. Good riddance!; though how one effectively heads a system which breeds abuse and feeds the sadistic tendencies of those it employs (see Stanford Prison experiment), especially when one has "come up" in it, I don't know. Clarke was head of Nebraska DOC when Dr. Faisal Ahmed turned whistleblower under him.

    "I have a story to tell--about how a doctor can be used to kill patients. I will talk to anybody you want me to. I spent twelve years of my life, and these people pushed me around and turned me into something horrible. I am ashamed of what I have become... I really am. For the first time, I stood up and said, "I can't kill anymore. Too much. These are human beings, for crying out loud."

    Dr. Faisal Ahmed, interview with Nebraska Ombudsmans' Office, Sept. 15th, 1998.

    For more on Clarke's record

  2. Thank you for the information I will check it out.

    Right now I'm busy drafting a lawsuit for filing next week against the NH GOP for threatening to arrest me every time I attend an event.

    Check it out at kelly ayotte senate blogspot.

    -The Editor.