Monday, August 1, 2011

Jackass foreclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg in big trouble with NJ Bar Ethics Complaint.

Whoa... read the Monday update, these guys lied to the Chief of Security about KingCast/Mortgage Movies so I am filing an Ethics Complaint on them with NJ Bar.

Update Cross-Post: New Jersey Anti-Foreclosure Group.

"A big thanks to Christopher King at Mortgage Movies for the great video."

The movie is coming soon, hopefully late night but certainly by 8am as I am uber tired. This time I will simply quote from others at Lawyers and Settlements as the staff and lawyers at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg vacate their office and call the police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies and an alleged debtor. Too bad for them when LE arrived they actually agreed with us, and asked "What the fuck is going on here...."

I'll tell you what the fuck is going on here, is that Attorney John Narkin is getting ready to update his class action pleadings and add some things that I'm not going to get into in this space. Also it's not like they can make me go away.... I'll be at every single public hearing documenting all of this sketchy foreclosure action against a guy who has repeatedly asked to see verification of ownership and chain of title and offered payment on his "loan" which is more aptly described as an undisclosed investment contract making millions for greedy banks and their friends with every signature....... Meanwhile all I wanted to ask these knuckleheads was whether they had complied with the current New Jersey mandate to Show Cause. To me it's a logical question because as I queried in my Ethics Fraud update against NH Hillsborough Judge Diane Nicolosi and Schectman, Halperin Savage Attorney Shawn Masterson: Standing is Law School 101....Did you guys pass Civil Procedure class or not?

And who died and made Wells Fargo the Pope... they're more Perp than Pope but still getting away with it here and in the NH case.... Every time I see a law firm acting in this manner I am going to file a professional Ethics Complaint against them for conduct unbecoming.


Philadelphia, PA: Got to hand it to attorney John Narkin. He's got this foreclosure crisis thing figured out—well, near as anyone can figure it out. The 113-page class-action suit on behalf of distressed homeowners filed by Narkin's firm, BHN Law in Philly, lays out the whole sorry story in amazing detail, complete with links to video clips.

In addition to demanding that well-known culprits in the lending business pay up for the pain they caused, BHN also comes down hard on a law firm that worked with Wells Fargo, N.A., Countrywide, and others. It describes the firm in the documents filed as "a foreclosure mill" with a Gordon Gecko "greed is good" attitude.

"Obviously this is a national disgrace," says Narkin, whose firm specializes in hunting down boogie men involved in everything from securities fraud to consumer protection law.

"The tentacles of the foreclosure mess are amazing," says Narkin. "The mess created by predatory lending is one thing, but consider also what an awful investment collateralized debt lending turned out to be." (KingCast adds that there is yet more to this story but I'm not telling it right now. Just think about the duties to the Trust that are typically violated during collateralization).

Narkin's firm has devoted hundreds of hours to a class-action complaint that alleges that Countrywide, Wells Fargo and a "high-volume law firm," Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, engaged in fraudulent schemes to collect inflated and manufactured foreclosure fees from financially troubled families in danger of losing their homes.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KingCast, TOUCH FM 106.1 and Grandmaster Flash bring you back to the white lines on the highway (and Stat Rape Charges) in Quincy Road Rage fallout.

The original journal entry at KingCast First Amendment Page.

6:30p update: Robert O'Connell Attempted Murder/Assault trial scheduled for 15 May 2007 courthouse steps video coming by 9p at the latest.

Note to the Herald: Quit removing my comments they are fully protected by the First Amendment, and what do you know about protecting yourself from Defamation anyway, not much. Time to break out the trusty Triumph (well, trusty since I replaced the gawl-dang crankshaft, LOL) and head on down to courthouse :)

Okay I was just getting ready to head down to the Courthouse to check up on the status of the Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano, Jennifer Bynarowicz Quincy Cocaine road rage shooting in which Fasano -- with a known domestic violence past -- was reported to have cocaine on his face. There was cocaine in the Bynarowicz Jeep and she copped to it as seen by the KingCast court file investigation.

But now we apparently have much more than that going on folks, as the screen capture shows... William S. O’Connell, who is O'Connell's uncle or father and former State Senator, was popped for 19 golden grams and Stat Rape with a kitlin' 14-16 years of age..... Whoa. See folks have been telling me that years ago one of the elder O'Connells' friends turned up dead off a yacht during a little cocaine party and I have told these people that I will always report what is reasonably true. At this point I cannot -- nor can anyone -- actually substantiate the yacht party cocaine but I now feel comfortable enough to mention the rumour on my page.

Note that the Patriot Ledger's excellent coverage mentions the incident and the dismissed drunken operation charges as well as his son's second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Julie Hamilton, who knew Matthew through her boyfriend. Matthew O’Connell is being held at Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security facility for inmates deemed in need of psychiatric care.

Unlike Howie Carr I'm not stupid enough to get successfully sued for Defamation, hahahaa.... I'll update this journal entry soon but here are some vintage entries for your viewing mispleasure:

20 May 2010: Disorder in the Court 3 (featuring Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle).

22 April 2010: Disorder in the Court 2 (Dogged Determination mix)

22 December 2009: Snowy forecast for Boston (featuring Al Pacino, Boston City Hall's own John Forbes).

Middlesex Sheriff arrested on cocaine charges.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NJ Court slams Wells Fargo in Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford; Ohio was first in Wells Fargo v. Jordan, will NH be next with Jeanne Ingress case?

Here is Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford, enjoy today's feature presentation.

On appeal, defendant argues that (1) Wells Fargo failed to establish that it is the holder of the negotiable note she gave to Argent and therefore lacks standing to pursue this foreclosure action; (2) even if Wells Fargo is the holder of the note, it failed to establish that it is a holder in due course and therefore, the trial court erred in concluding that Wells Fargo is not subject to the defenses asserted by defendant based on Argent’s alleged predatory and fraudulent acts in connection with execution of the mortgage and note; and (3) even if Wells Fargo is a holder in due course, it still would be subject to certain defenses and statutory claimdefendant asserted in her answer and counterclaim.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

KingCast Black History Month jam of the Day: Talking Heads "I Zimbra."

If you have to ask why, you clearly missed the bus.... regardless of where your seat would have been. Stay tuned for more on Ralph Holder's situation on Wednesday, and NCLB Fraud on Thursday.

KingCast Go to Hell letter to Michele McPhee: You, Howie Carr and the Boston Herald are racist tools of oppression.

First you need to read Wendy Kaminer's the Atlantic feature,

Public Enemies: Councilman Sentenced for Offending Federal Prosecutors.

I'm sure you don't like me or my Chuck Turner coverage. And I don't like you or your junky racist newspaper. But when it all comes down, at least I've never been successfully and repeatedly sued for Defamation. In point of fact I've never been sued for Defamation because unlike Howie Carr I know who I am writing about. And unlike Jessica Van Sack, I know what I'm writing about. And as to the fact that you and Howie Carr are business parters with Casey Sherman, who notes that I "literally helped him write "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains," (he says so at 4:40 of the bottom video) I really couldn't care less. Frankly I was shocked to discover that he runs with lowlifes like you, but hey it's all right as long as he disinfects his hand before I shake it next time I see him.

Now I will sit back and watch Joana Marinova finish kicking your ever-loving asses in Marinova v. Jessica Van Sack et al., 2010-CV-1316, hahahahaaaa..... hahahahaaaaa....

"Boone the Coon....." Know your history, you little right wing fascist tool.

KingCast asks for Black History Month, "Why wasn't Kelly Ayotte's hero and multiple felon Greg Floyd sentenced for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1)?

Greg Floyd picture gallery and video.

Here's the Greg Floyd background that NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte hid. Here is U.S. v. DaMario, 350 F.3d 348 (2003). Floyd was in possession on two distinct occasions, in the late 1990's and again in 2009 after he was found guilty of criminally threatening his neighbor, A.J. Boisvert. He can't find a lawyer in the wrongful death action of Liko Kenney v. Floyd et al. 2010-CV-181 'cos, like, everyone reads this journal and knows he's a dirtbag. But why does this dirtbag receive special protections from the people to whom we pay our tax dollars for protection from people like him? This dude sounds almost as dangerous as Greg Floyd, who threatened to "give (police) a third eye," because "I'm sitting on my Ruger right now."
So the way we left it is that nobody had better push me or I'll explode. 'Leave me the fuck alone!' I said, or I'll kill somebody. I also said that I will not do this time and plan to beat the judges however I can even if it means [*7] hanging myself . . . .

But they have to let me out eventually. I've told them where we're at. If they don't drop these terror tactics immediately, I'm dedicated to killing R.I. judges when I'm out. I'll put the conspirators on the front page. . . . I dare anybody to push me......
Vice President Biden straight up promised me and a gymnasium chock full of NH taxpayers that the Obama administration would prosecute people like Floyd, but I guess the Feds like Carmen Ortiz and and Michael Sullivan are too busy paying shady characters $30K to shove $1K to Civil Rights negroes like Chuck Turner to deal with white men like Greg Floyd, just as Uncle Ruckus and Casey Sherman's racist, moronic Boston Herald friends and business partners Howie Carr and Michele McPhee would have it. Life is grand. Or is it, "America: Land of the Free... home of the brave."
KingCast: The shortest and the coldest.

Implode-Explode and Price v. Time inform KingCast panel discussion on reporter's privilege at 2011 NENPA Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Foreward: The email to my peers under the bogus Kelly Ayotte indictment and fired Jaffrey PD (drawing disability payment) Marty Dunn criminal charges (all dismissed) when I was NAACP Legal Chair is in the comments. I've been waiting 5+ years for this moment.

So life can't be all about the new Triumph and waiting for springtime to use it to jet from media event to media event. No, indeed it isn't, so I turn my thoughts back to next week's NENPA Conference on the subject of who and what is a full-fledged journalist. John Christie and John Voket will join me. This is my first entry on the matter noting, inter alia, that you are allowed to have strongly-worded opinions and still be a journalist. Heck, folks like the Boston Herald's Michele McPhee have strong opinions so I give it right back to her. Basically she said former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was a "bigoted moron" and I said she and the Herald are "racist tools of oppression, and proper subjects of successful Defamation lawsuits."
I have always liked Clarence Page, way back I was working in mainstream press. In this 2005 PBS segment he says "We're all journalists, just get your facts straight or lose credibility." As we shall see in this journal entry that admonition also applies across the board, ahem.

To my mind there are two key components to that equation and they involve access to crime scene information and reporter's privilege in States that recognize shield laws.

The Police access issue I deal with on an ad hoc basis, I just carry a KingCast business card and an admittedly expired NENPA card, explaining that they don't issue them anymore because it has become too confusing to, ahem... police. Then I turn to Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode, as I told Nashua, NH City Attorney about the NH High Court case that awarded full privileges to online journalists:
Freedom of the press is a fundamental personal right which is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. . . . The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.
See it used in context in this journal when the GOP threatened to arrest me prompting further and ongoing litigation.
Now here's where it gets really interesting:

Implode-Explode dealt with two NH entities in a State the recognizes shield laws. Massachusetts does not recognize shield laws, which is good in case like Joanna Marinova v. (Michele McPhee Protege) Jessica Van Sack, Boston Herald et al, because as my Public Information Request and cour file review shows at least one EOPSS manager believes there is a "dirty cop" violating CORI laws and helping the Herald to commit Defamation. I'm pretty sure I know who this dirtbag is, but that's not for this discussion.

But in large part, on balance, we should have shield laws but the question in the modern global era of communications is this: What happens when you have diversity of jurisdictions? The mind boggles:

1. If I live in MA and write a journal entry about someone in NH am I covered?
2. If I was standing in NH when I wrote it am I covered?
3. If I was standing in another state with privileges but still living in MA am I covered?
4. If I have a NH partner and s/he provides me information that I publish with her byline while I sit in MA am I covered?

You get the picture, and the question is going to be what law governs, probably the state where the Plaintiff resides. The court addressed related issues in Price v. Time, Inc., 416 F.3d 1327 (2005), a wild decision issued on the matter by Federal Courts after the Alabama High Court punked out and refused to answer the question as Certified to it by the Federal District Court. The Decision (on the statutory and to some extent on the general First Amendment Privilege) cuts against the principles enunciated in Implode Explode because the Court found that Time/SI were not journalists within the meaning of the Ala. Code § 12-21-142 after this and other steamy passages appeared (it wouldn't be KingCast without some sex ever now and then, natch).

At about midnight [after leaving the club] Price headed back to the hotel. He eventually met up with two women, both of whom he had earlier propositioned for sex, according to one of the women, who agreed to speak to SI about the hotel-room liaison on the condition that her name not be used. The woman, who declined comment when asked if she was paid for the evening, said that the threesome engaged "in some pretty aggressive sex." She said that at one point she and her female companion decided to add a little levity to the activity: "We started screaming 'Roll Tide!' and he was yelling [**7] back, 'It's rolling baby, it's rolling.'"

Unfortunately Reporter Yeager, much like Van Sack, ran the story about sex without talking to everyone involved and got his ass handed to him in Decisional dicta. Okay so enough of that, and all I can tell is that the case likely settled after the Court ordered that the Plaintiff had not exhausted any and all other possible avenues to determine the identity of the sources.

Update, whoa wait a minute: I just found L. Michael Higgins' excellent "Rusty Shields" law review article 37 Cumb. L. Rev. 263 that sums it up quite nicely. I've got to find the writer and forward this journal entry to him.
The more important wake-up call derived from Price is that members of the news-gathering and disseminating community who do not happen to work exclusively in the statutorily favored trinity of news services (newspapers, radio broadcasting, and television stations) still do not know with any degree of certainty whether the assurances of confidence they give to their sources will be respected by the courts should litigation or prosecution ensue.

This situation is not peculiar to Alabama or state law. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the summer of 2005, Time Magazine's Matthew Cooper, one of the two reporters implicated in the Valerie Plame investigations, expressed his frustrations with the current state of journalistic protection:

The rules of the road as I try to do my job as a reporters [sic] are chaotic at best . . . . Right now, if I pick up the phone and call a senator or his or her staff or a civil servant and they say, "Don't quote me on this, but . . ." or "Don't identify me but . . ." I can't really know what I'm getting myself into assuming what follows is important and controversial enough to rise to the level of litigation. . . . As a working journalist, I'd like to know better what promises I can legally make and which one's I can't. n150

Well in point of fact many of us would like to know the same thing... and that is why we are about to engage in this forum.

Questions for review:

1. How would Price v. Time be decided in NH?
2. How would Price v. Time be decided in MA?
3. How would Price v. Time be decided in AL today?