Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Hey KingCast, you got any proof you know how to successfully prosecute cases before Civil Rights Commissions?"

Well, in a word, yes. This may come as a shock so scum-sucking rat pig liar Citibank's lawyer Sam Shaulson, but he's going to find out where he made his mistake on the 26th of April, as noted in yesterday's checkmate post.

But I'm sure Sam Shaulson thinks he's correct though, so he won't object to having the KingCast cameras document each and every word of it, just as we did back in the 90's with my successful opening argument in State v. Doyle, infra. Video is the best way to make sure the American Public gets to learn the specifics of cases and how the legal system works. Sometimes it takes 3-4 years to win an Administrative hearing, just ask Michael Isreal, V96-61481. But that's okay because Shaulson can soak his client for all the billables he can, and as a partner that's important so that Morgan Lewis can afford to hire Law School students instead of them calling Morgan Lewis a "No Hire Factory." To understand more about that, and to see why the NAACP gave Citibank poor and failing grades on race relations, click here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KingCast keeps asking the same simple question: Who is leading the Herald/CORI leak investigation?

This is so simple. Why do I have to go down to the Office of Public Safety to get my answers? (video uploading). I volunteered for the Governor but don't expect any special privileges, only that he and his staff explain who is leading the investigation. He said there was going to be such an investigation "we're going to get to the bottom of this" nearly four (4) weeks ago, yet despite my repeated phone calls as a former AAG, current Mass citizen and card-carrying member of the press no one can or will tell me who is leading the investigation. Ultimately it must be Marybeth Heffernan and the Governor, but it would be nice to have someone say so.

KingCast asks "Who is Bill Christy and why is he so racist against me over Michael Isreal's case and Manchester Police reporting?

Boo yah!

The Franconia interloper and likely government plant "Bill Christy" (only a stage name, he told me "good luck finding me, it's only a stage name") He shows up and trash talks Michael Isreal and me only because he views us as n*****s. He said so. The racist thing is, the SAME DAMN THING allegedly happened to him, and he goes on to say "I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department."

Here's the Finding of Fact and Law (I won over the objection and Appeal of my former boss, Ohio AG "Bloody Betty" Montgomery, another fascist AG) that Mr. Isreal was made a Victim of Violent Crime at the hands of the Police "buildup of fluid and inflammation in his neck" read it and weep Mr. Bill, you are indeed a hypocritical racist scumbag cracker, and you joined the Franconia Collective only to gather information for the government and your racist friends.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KingCast reminder: Jason Vassell hearing on Motion to Dismiss on Friday, 26 March 2010.

Click to enlarge, read to be outraged. From a portion of the Motion to Dismiss...... replete with your typical drunken angry sexually insecure white male misogynist "whore, cunt" ramblings is but one of six (6) different incidences of violence in which Jon Bosse and John Bowes have been involved in since 2003, some involving axe blades and handles, others involving the nigger bomb, etc. etc. these guys are real dirtbags, totally. Here's some back story, and some video and pictures from the Discovery hearing held earlier this month.

Read all of the documents at

Saturday, March 20, 2010

KingCast sees Governor Patrick, Heffernan & staff fail to identify who is leading the Boston Herald Defamation/CORI leak investigation.

As the top photo hints, it is the Boston Herald who should be locked up behind barbed wire fences, IMO. Shot from the shadow of Boston's biggest racist tabloid rag from my favorite Asian grocery store. The fence is in focus, the Herald slightly out-of-focus and the 650R sits idling patiently in the foreground, another perfect KingCast composition.

Governor Patrick -- for whom I have volunteered -- specifically told me that there would be an investigation. Three weeks ago he specifically said (watch the dang video)
"I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy."

Well now is the time to step forward and act on it, or call me back at least. Marybeth Heffernan knew all about this way back in The Day, click on the email to read it. She's more than familiar with the issue, but still remains mired in inertia. Sandra McCoomb (direct reports to Heffernan) spoke with me on Tuesday and said she was unfamiliar with the case but would holler back by today but despite my three (3) calls into her office, I never heard "Boo!." Why can't anyone tell me who is heading up the investigation? Pastor Dickerson would like to know as well.

I specifically told them back in January.

Listen: The s*** is about to hit the fan next week, and it's more than meets the eye and more than I have ever let on here. At that time they will wish they had responded.

Did you know that when Governor Patrick toured the facilities he never actually met with Darrell Jones? Perhaps now would be a time appropriate, considering the documented history of what Mr. Jones has done to combat violent crime. Documents and an entire website going up this weekend on that, and his underlying trial transcript will be posted soon as well, time to air out the dirty laundry......But I digress: For the Governor to publicly say that he's going to conduct an investigation, that puts substantial heat on Darrell, he's living in a fishbowl and swimming with sharks. But then not to conduct one, or not to even be able to articulate who's heading up the investigation, does not bode well. Pastor Dickerson would like to know more too.

PPS: Did you know that The Globe sales are down at the prisons? Well they are, and I could tell you why. And I will. It's because the union and the Herald are so tight, the inmates get the Globe a coupla' days late, consistently. So they opt out of the Globe Plan and wind up with the bogus coverage from the same paper who just paid millions to Judge Murphy for Defamation, a paper that showed no shame in calling a former DOC Superintendent "Boone the Coon."

That's okay. We've got something for their butts, and we're gonna' punctuate it with a giant "Boo-Yah!"

KingCast: Real news for real people.

KingCast tours the Chelsea and Quincy District Courts, turning up cocaine issues in both.

NOTE: I'm going to scan the docs tomorrow or re-shoot them.

Top photo at Milky Way Bella Luna jus' 'cos I'm a Shining Star......that's what a guy named Light Shiner told me before he appeared in the almost but not quite but soon-to-be legendary KingCast short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

I'm still not sure how I'm going to write the Chelsea case yet (Daniel Talbot's last official act) so for now enjoy the picture of my lunch at Chelsea (that restaurant is delightful) and the radio segment below. What I can tell you is that Jennifer Bynarowicz was 100% definitely blowing rails. She said so in the police narrative.

The Probable Cause hearing was set back to 22 April 2010 today over Defendant O'Connell's objection. I've got the docket copied and all of the witness statements. The whole thing was over in 10 seconds, according to these statements. Ms. Bynarowicz refused to tell the interviewing officer where she got the marching powder. She might be under marching orders to do so at some point.

At this point Joey Fasano and Ms. Bynarowicz are not charged with any crime whatsoever, despite the fact that cocaine was in her car and she flat out admitted "It's my stuff...I was partying" and cocaine was allegedly on Mr. Fasano's face.

David Traub from the DA's Office telephoned me to say he had reviewed my radio segment on the matter and would be back in touch on Friday.

PS: Darkness himself is coming to Boston soon. Too bad Rick James can't be with him, but we can at least share in the video......

Monday, March 1, 2010

KingCast reminder: Jason Vassell hearing tomorrow on racist history of prosecution by DA Scheibel at 2pm., Hampton County Superior Court.

Note: More vids coming tonight and tomorrow early a.m. Comcast failed us at the house for a while and now I feel like taking a bike ride it's 9:06p, keep watching while you ponder this: Prosecutor Scheibel's office is not so much fanning the flames of racism as much as it supplied the flint and steel to create the conflagration as joint tortfeasors, ab initio.

The Prosecution finally provided the documents that they were ORDERED to provide by the Massachusetts High Court so that there will be another hearing on 26 March 2010 to discuss the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss for Selective Racial Prosecution. KingCast cameras will be at the ready.

The first thing you notice about Jason Vassell is that he is a peaceful, tranquil person -- except when two drunken white men repeatedly call him nigger, threaten him, rush into his dorm foyer and break his nose. My impression of the man comports with the FACT that he has no criminal record, as opposed to his assailants, who have laundry lists of violent run-ins with the law.

Mr. Vassell is receiving wide-ranging support from people of all ages, races and ethnic and socio-political backgrounds, and well he should. I won't be able to get the stink from this racist prosecution dry cleaned out of my jacket for months: Jon Bosse and John Bowes weren't even charged with criminal or malicious damaging or public intoxication despite the FACT that they broke his dorm room window and were measured at 2x and 3x the legal limit of .8 BAC. Not to mention the fact that Jason's case never should have been submitted to a Grand Jury in the first place because of the Castle Doctrine, MGL 278-8A. But we all know the Castle Doctrine is just for white folks anyway.

A Prosecutor before a Grand Jury, can pretty much indict a ham sandwich, trust me it happened to me as NAACP Legal Chair in NH and it took me 2 years to prevail after I sat through Voir Dire. As a former State Attorney, I know when the State is full of dookie and I'm not about to back away from saying as much.

Basically, Prosecutor Sheibel -- as her office is wont to do -- has taken some white trash hoodlums and elevated them into demi-god status as purported victims in this case, when nothing could be further from the Truth. Enjoy the videos and pictures, they will be uploading throughout the evening.

PS: The Police showed up and move the demonstration away from the Courthouse, which was interesting given that the rationale was that they were trying to influence. They had a system of sandwich-board type signs, with each month since Mr. Vassell was attacked in his dorm building being represented. But the thing is, there's no Jury empaneled yet so who were they unlawfully influencing, and to say that a Judge should be influenced by folks picketing outside a courthouse is ludicrous. The whole Statute smacks of Unconstitutional Prior Restraint, really. I took a picture of the Statute for edification.

As to the bottom two images:

Click to enlarge, read to be outraged. The one at bottom, replete with your typical drunken angry sexually insecure white male misogynist "wh*re, c*nt" ramblings is but one of six (6) different incidences of violence in which Jon Bosse and John Bowes have been involved in since 2003, some involving axe blades and handles, others involving the nigger bomb, etc. etc. these guys are real dirtbags, totally. Here's some back story.

Governor Patrick promises KingCast before hundreds at Town Hall meeting: "There will be a thorough investigation on CORI/Marinova Defamation leak."

"I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy," His Excellency emphatically stated.

And true to form, now you see the APOLOGY for the DOC wasting my precious time on an attempted visit with Darrell Jones, a model citizen who could have been wrongfully convicted, but who is, regardless, one hell of a philanthropist. All of this will be told, and we are going to talk about the interlopers too, as the Jamaicans would say "The Informers."

There are two videos (well, three actually but it's strictly a music video) uploading from tonight's Town Hall meeting with Governor Deval Patrick at Pastor Bruce Walls' Global Ministries Christian Church. The Governor stood in and took some serious questions about a number of issues, including prison reform from Sarah Okolita and Yours Truly. She asked about suicides and Aid to Incarcerated Mothers program loss of funding while I asked about the clear cut CORI violation (it provided the impetus for this lawsuit that will be filed any day now) that was the major subject of a TOUCH 106.1 FM Touch Beat radio segment, listen up at bottom because you know the New York Times sure is.

I told everybody back on 9 Jan 2010 in Touch FM blog that this was coming down the pike because of the emails between Joanna Marinova and Patrick's Cabinet member Mary Beth Heffernan, who unfortunately was not in attendance this evening.

When reached for comment this evening via telephone, Mr. Jones stated:
"I am glad that he promised an investigation into the deliberate acts of deceit by certain DOC staff, and I am also notifying the Republican party because of the serious nature of the violations. I will find the Republican Committee member who stated that they wanted a thorough investigation so that they are kept aware of everything."

And State Rep Fox told me that most of the people involved have been moved out of the area, major personnel shakeups. I can't wait to read the third party discovery responses when they come in.
Here's your back story:

For Sam Shaulson and Citibank liars: