Monday, November 15, 2010

KingCast Suffok Superior updates on Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald, WDHD/Channel 7 Defamation & CORI violations, Michael Picardi final pretrial tomo


Note: Be sure to watch the KingCast video at the bottom of the wepapers document. For the back story on this blatant CORI violation and Defamation case, read this post containing a damning email from an EOPSS , Mass Sex Offender Registry Board manager Charles E. McDonald, and read this summary post:

12 October 2010

Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald et al. Defamation case updates: Jessica Van Sack and Byron Barnett are in Big Trouble.

Basically now it appears that the DOC has moved to delimit the upcoming Deposition Testimony of hastily-departed Harold Clarke, but they apparently screwed-up the Rule 9A Notice Requirement so the Court now has filings 27, 28, 29 on the Bench, I visited Judge Cransley’s chambers but he was on the bench and I couldn’t read the DOC’s EMERGENCY Motion, Plaintiff Marinova’s response or Sunbeam’s (Channel 7) Memorandum in Opposition. Whether the DOC gets the restriction originally requested in this document 26 shown here, they still have to deal with the common sense notion set forth by McDonald:

"The ticket didn't say anything about sexual acts. The officer wrote it was dismissed. This statement needs to be put out because no one is speaking out. The administration should have responded that these allegations are clearly not true.

What we have here is a crooked cop who is not only presenting a lie, but also snuck the information out of the institution which is violating CORI laws and CORI information. If the Herald did their research they would have seen that it was all dismissed. It was the Herald's and Jessica Van Sack's Responsibility as a reporter to look into all the facts. Jessica didn't. She ran the story. So either she got a forged report or she intentionally ran it."


As to Michael Picardi, the mastermind who helped disassemble the gun that allegedly killed Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot, he's up on Accessory charges with regard to a knifing that Derek Lodie did to an unsuspecting mook immediately before the Dan Talbot shooting, under almost identical circumstances. Picardi and At bottom is a video with the same Judge Cransley giving Lodie an Easy Out on some other criminal charges, here is my journal entry on that piece. In tomorrow's case The Deal is that Lodie and Picardi cooked up a story to frame someone other than Lodie, the same way that some say they cooked up a story with respect to the Dan Talbot murder. Lodie got 8-12 on his Accessory charges, not concurrent as I understand, as I noted in this recent Jason Batman Watson journal entry about how this "altruistic" repeat criminal got an Easy Out from Federal District Judge Tauro on his pending weapons charges. Now Batman (who earned this name from his style of assaults) is up on a renewed Restraining Order held by the mother of his child, and is facing charges for attacking his current GF and playing stick-up games with a local Cabbie.

Remember: Officer Soto testified in video I probably have in my archives that the muzzle flash came from the guy in the red hoodie, and that would be Lodie, not Robert Iacoviello. Proffered testimony (watch it on KingCast video) from Michael Racca at trial supports that notion. It is possible, I asked in this journal entry, that DA Dan Conley and the Jury convicted the wrong guy?

It's nigh on impossible to keep track of this stuff, but somebody's gotta' do it.

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