Sunday, November 28, 2010

Judge Cratsley to Howie Carr: Why don't you report on the DOC/EOPSS CORI violations and Boston Herald, WDHD Defamation against Joanna Marinova?

Hahahaaaa... He didn't really say that, but he did slam the DOC for trying to shield hastily-departed Chief Harold Clarke, more on this momentarily.

Carr may be correct that he broke the story on the Probation Department, but under that same Department -- EOPSS -- Howie Carr hasn't said "Boo!" about the the corruption and CORI leaks at DOC and I know why:

It’s because his paper is the one getting jammed up, and Judge Cratsley’s Order of 22 November 2010 slamming the DOC/EOPSS attempt to shelter hastily-departed Chief Harold Clarke doesn’t really do Jessica Van Sack, the Herald -- or Sunbeam Management/WDHD - Channel 7 any favors, and here’s why:

Even though the DOC cannot restrict Defendant inquiry by subject matter (the Court did restrict the time to one hour), nothing he says will change what we already know as established in the movies linked below:

The DOC is far too tight-lipped to have actually told Jessica Van Sack or Byron Barnett that Joanna Marinova had sex with anybody, and the Darrell Jones disciplinary report (D-ticket) speaks for itself: Darrell Jones was cleared of any sexual misconduct and Ms. Marinova’s name doesn’t even appear on it. And I’ll have to check my files again but I believe the Herald knew that Plaintiff Marinova had signed in to visit Mr. Jones as she is supposed to do, and as she had done on prior occasion.

Therefore it is your employees, and you employees alone, who are responsible for the Defamatory accusations. See y'all at the next Court hearing, wouldn't miss it for the World. Meantime you newbies watch the movies.

And by-the-by, Harold Clarke's dossier is really horrible on open records and abuse, he ran from Washington before a pending vote of No Confidence. Governor Patrick twice publicly stated to me, at his Town Hall meeting and during an impromptu Juneteenth meeting that his administration was going to "conduct a thorough investigation"to "get to the bottom of this" (Town Hall) and that he would "put it to bed" (Juneteenth). So perhaps he did, maybe he made Clarke talk a hike, who knows. From Prison Legal News:

Heck, Howie and the Herald missed a Golden Opportunity to throw another racial slur, as they did when they celebrated the Departure of a Reformist DOC Chief John Boone, "Boone the Coon." I suggested they try "Clarke the Dark." And oh Howie, why did it take a part-time journalist like me to publish the emails from EOPSS management noting that there was at least one "crooked cop" involved.... and more..... "They [The Herald] are very nervous post Judge Earnest Murphy."

"The ticket didn't say anything about sexual acts. The officer wrote it was dismissed. This statement needs to be put out because no one is speaking out. The administration should have responded that these allegations are clearly not true.
What we have here is a crooked cop who is not only presenting a lie, but also snuck the information out of the institution which is violating CORI laws and CORI information. If the Herald did their research they would have seen that it was all dismissed. It was the Herald's and Jessica Van Sack's Responsibility as a reporter to look into all the facts. Jessica didn't. She ran the story. So either she got a forged report or she intentionally ran it."

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