Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why Deval Patrick, Harold Clarke, Mary Beth Heffernan and others will take action on the CORI violations against Darrell Jones and Joanna Marinova.

Note: Better read Sunday's Howie Carr editorial about Governor Patrick and my reply in the new post.

The casual observer has no idea how many people of influence are aware of Darrell Jones' philanthropic efforts -- and successes -- all throughout Boston. Even Senator Kerry has personally written Darrell Jones, in fountain pen ink, no less. More on this later but for now we all know the name and reputation of a Good Man and Good Woman are being assailed in a well-orchestrated media smear that started immediately after the 29 April, 2009 Mary Beth Heffernan email to Joanna Marinova, thumbnailed, supra. Mine that Bird Media caused all of that because the guards heard him make the name reservation with Ms. Marinova on or about 4 May 2009.

Those of us who claim to stand by him should continue to do so now by doing the right thing, openness and candor is encouraged. I mention that in this YouTube video involving a potential Defamation lawsuit by Joanna Marinova, Darrell Jones against Jessica Van Sack and the Union Leader et al.

in the Spirit of Open Government I will issue the following Public Records Request pursuant to MGL 66.10 et seq.
Dear Commissioner Harold Clarke and Deputy Commissioner James Bender:

Provide a copy of each and every email, letter or other correspondence containing the name Darrell Jones, an inmate at the Norfolk Correctional Facility, that you have sent to anyone, including but not limited to anyone employed at Boston City Hall from 1 January 2006 to 12 January, 2010 and ongoing.

The cat is out of the bag now, things that I as a former State Attorney would never imagine have happened, and they keep on happening. Mr. Jones had sent me some information a while back and I worked up a story on it that is on hold. It was a great to finally meet him today, more details on the story will be posted when I find it appropriate.

I will leave you with a quote from "When the Prisoners Ran Walpole"
The Boston Herald American became a character integral to this drama. The newspaper openly became the mouthpiece for the guard's union, even publishing an editorial declaring the paper victor when John Boone -- you know, "Boone the Coon" to the Herald -- ultimately was fired. The Herald American's openly racist rhetoric was a clear reflection of the blatant racism that would errupt in South Boston as school desgregation was enforced." pg 14


  1. See the way it works is they won't ever go after Mr. Jones on too much of anything because that would create a hearing, and he is then entitled to a tape of the hearing and all matter of tapes that contain damaging information, and he can then freely disseminate these tapes.

    They need to stop thwarting his reasonable efforts at prison reform, it shouldn't be all about the money, and encouraging recidivism while discouraging rehabilitation.

    Now is the time, people.

    Now is the time.

    -The Editor.

  2. Boone the Coon, eh?......

    What's next "Clarke the Dark?"

    Wait for it :(

    Today, the system is overcrowded and failing by most measures; Framingham State Prison for Women alone is stuffed to 300 percent of capacity, and overall recidivism is heading for 65 percent. Before Boone was run out of his position in 1973, recidivism had dropped from 60 to 23 percent. The prison population as a whole had been reduced by 15 percent, and with fewer than 30 women remaining at the Framingham facility, it had to be made co-ed.

    While Boone made remarkable improvements within the troubled system, his tenure in Massachusetts was fraught with racial tension. The day before he was appointed, the US Supreme Court handed down its decision that the segregation of Boston public schools was unconstitutional. Boone had barely begun his work before he was made the target of the guards' union, of a public infuriated that their carefully maintained racial hierarchy was being dismantled, and of too many members of the local media.

    In those days before Hub airwaves had heard anything akin to shock jocks like Howie Carr, the Boston Herald was printing fabricated stories and incendiary headlines, like this one: "Boone the Coon." The Herald ultimately claimed credit for Boone's ouster.

    All of my life I have been hearing about how Boston is racist, now as I delve into things further I see why people say that.

    Now is the time.


  3. You newbies click on the "mine that bird" post and read Mr. Jones break it down just as I have:

    He never was in any coveted "single cell."

    Here is how fact checking is actually supposed to work:

    Fact 1: Neither Joanna Marinova nor myself were ever attempting or caught engaged in any type of sexual acts in the visiting room which is why we now release the actual written report which itself never describes any sexual acts being done along with the exact statements of the reporting officer and the disciplinary hearing officer. Both personally stating there was NO sexual acts involved at all in any way. So now I ask the public to call the Herald on the malicious slander and deception you delivered in print.

    Fact 2: Neither I nor anyone I am associated to this call to investigate Old Colony Correctional center requested a move to the alleged “favored MCI- Norfolk”, but it is starting to appear to me that maybe the request was made by one of the Herald’s favorite sources in order to keep me from seeing Old Colony clean house before the long needed investigators surrounded you.

    Fact 3: The “coveted single cell” you lied about; it doesn’t exist. The unit I am in is called 8 Block; it is the most restricted unit besides Segregation in MCI- Norfolk (one shower a day and you only get one and a half hour a day to iron, make phone calls or shower all to be done within the same time). Perhaps some could use an 8 block unit handbook to quote from. I also share a cell with a rather pleasant Dominican inmate.

  4. PS: Now having visited Darrell, the only thing that I observed other than his integrity is the FACT that EVERYBODY kisses and hugs during visitation, and I don't mean sibling kisses, I mean soul kisses that you give your lover.

    Read the Discipline Ticket against Mr. Jones nothing that he kissed and hugged Ms. Marinova.

    They are singling him out, so I am going to single out who's doing the singling.

    Of course I'm sure I'll have help in this quest for Justice from larger media with additional resources, Governor Patrick, for whom I have volunteered, Commissioner Clarke and Mary Beth Heffernan, whose email directly tells Ms. Marinova to bring it on.

    She did, and she got clobbered along with Darrell Jones and everybody who cares about Prison reform and Justice.

    Listen to me say it on the radio/YouTube interview; it's No Word of a Lie.

    Now is the time.

    -The Editor.

  5. The D-Ticket showing DISMISSAL of sexual acts charge -- and which doesn't even mention Ms. Marinova, so she couldn't have been "bagged" for anything, as noted in the radio show/YouTube audio.

    -The Editor.

  6. The Herald downloaded the D-Ticket on 5 Jan 2010:

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    IP Address [Label IP Address]

    5th January 2010 13:35:44 Page View marinova and darrell jones&

    5th January 2010 13:36:14 Download

    5th January 2010 13:36:14 Download

    5th January 2010 18:45:18 Page View No referring link

    5th January 2010 18:45:46 Page View

    10th January 2010 12:15:47 Page View No referring link

    10th January 2010 13:20:20 Page View No referring link