Friday, July 16, 2010

KingCast is Goin' up the Country, with thoughts of Hyman & Prescott v. Hemlock $1.7M anti-Semitic verdict appeal still paramount.

Sooo..... time for a little vacation in North Country, prolly not making a new Bowfinger or Bad Blood movie, just chillaxin' and riding about on the 650R. Most definitely hit the Kancamagus Highway though, so perhaps some KingCast bike cam stuff will ensue, they have some tripod stuff I might rig up over at Best Buy.

What I'm still really thinking about is the Hyman/Prescott v. Hemlock Association appeal/Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding/New Trial as published here. See, in addition to the clear error concerning the date on which Plaintiff Hyman had a disagreement with a customer, it calls into question the integrity of neighbor witnesses like Steve Chaput trying to make it appear as if he painted the Swastikas on the garages and/or put the feces and urine in Plaintiff Hyman's home.
"The evidence could no more lead to the inference that Ms. Ladino or the Association did it than Mr. Chaput,"
...reads the Motion, which also states the Ms. Ladino is Jewish.

Well as we know, Scott Hyman questioned Ms. Ladino's Faith, she has not been a practicing Jew for years and has married several Goys, and to me that was a crucial point in the trial. It was so crucial that I caught Counsel for Defendant writing it down too, and the Jury took note.

Also I think there is a flaw in the logic here because there was never any testimony that Mr. Chaput treated the Plaintiffs with malice or ill will at any time, so I respectfully submit that the Jury was within its discretion to determine that he had nothing to do with it, but that the Association and/or Ms. Ladino did.

Speaking of flip-flops, I found Ms. Ladino to flip-flop on me as well: She approached me at trial and sided up to me when she saw I was rolling video. But at her house, well..... watch the movie.
When the Plaintiff responds I am going to post ALL of the relevant Affidavits, Plaintiff and Defendant, so everyone can read them and make their own judgments. For now take a look at one I pulled from the Court file for Marcia Griswold. What it shows to me is that the adverse neighbors and their friends thought that they could do and say anything and get away with it.

As to the clear error regarding the Hyman/customer incident, it was 1995, not 2006 and Mr. Hyman informs that she ran her Mazda RX-7 into a divider, which drained it of all coolant -- then she drove it home, so no, it didn't run too well after that. Shocking.

Speaking of coolant, both of these machines (Yamaha FZ-6 and Kawasaki 650R) are liquid-cooled, thoroughly modern GT/sporting motorcycles, and along with the Suzuki SV650 and the little Ducati Monster, they define the sporting middleweight genre in the U.S. The Kawi is fuel-injected, dual overhead cam, with con-rod piston-skirt oil jets for cooling, and digital stick coil/sparkplugs, pretty high-tech stuff. While the Yamaha runs a de-tuned R6 motor and will laugh at the Kawi, the SV and the Ducati on the highway, it will only do so as you pull well into triple digit territory. I know Yamahas go like stink, my '75 RD350 scooted to its terminal velocity of about 95 mph quickly, and my '86 FZ750 (a/k/a "Clydesdale") ran about like the current 600, both of these machines make over 100hp, which is plenty, even if you have to wait for the power delivery from a 4 cylinder midsize bike. Hell the 70-75 ponies of the Suzuki and Kawi twin-cylinder bikes are plenty as well, especially given the roll-on response on the 650R, Kawi has made a bike much larger than the sum of its parts. It's a beautiful thing, time to enjoy :)

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