Friday, January 29, 2010

KingCast tells Jessica Van Sack and Channel 7 News: Todd & Weld sure do have some Pretty Proteas!

Yah..... As I warned on repeated occasion, I have now placed Joanna Marinova's case against the Boston Herald and Channel 7 news before some of the most competent First Amendment counsel in America, and they are right here in Boston. When I dropped her off today I took note -- and a picture -- of their flower arrangement that included a couple of Proteas, nice. I love to photograph them, here's my online collection, they are beautiful.

What's also beautiful is that you racist right-wing fascist journo-thugs who think you can get away by trying to attack Gloria Fox and anybody else working for prison reform -- and even violate CORI are about to get a rude awakening.

And guess what? I'll be there with a 16 Gig video card to record each and every moment of courtroom activity, much as I did with my ground-breaking and relentless coverage of the pending case of State v. Iacoviello, the Dan Talbot Murder Trial series. See you in Court, I'm sure the Phoenix and the Weekly Dig and perhaps the Boston Globe, now that I have educated them on the issue, will be there to lambaste you too. They will be welcome to use my video and pictures free of charge to make your transgressions an indelible record in the minds of Americans LOL :)

PS: Wonder what y'all call me in the back rooms of your little rag. If "Boone the Coon" was appropriate for DOC Commissioner John Boone (last paragraph) you can just call me "King N*gg*r" or how about "HNIC?" Or better yet, the Spook Who Sat by the Door, ahem.

PPS -- Today's Channel 7 Urban Update: And Channel 7 don't think you're getting out from under my watchful eye either because right when I moved here in 2001 I heard about you canning this very show, along with everybody black including Garry Armstrong, Victoria Jones despite 50 years of experience. You eliminated ALL public affairs programs that might have any substantial touch on the black community so to me, yah, you're an anti-n****' machine totally. Last year you even had your unwitting accomplice and token negro Byron Barnett in on the game -- against a progressive black woman named Representative Gloria Fox -- sending him out to Ms. Marinova's community to seek interviews from her neighbors because "she had sex with an inmate..." She told me when she saw Mr. Barnett for the taping he about looked like he saw a ghost.

It will be a crowning segment of my career if Todd & Weld sues you because I'll be there every step of the way at every single public appearance you and your counsel make to show it all right here. I have nothing but 100% contempt for your actions in this matter.

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  1. And let's not forget the proposed visitation policy changes to CMR 103 that got slammed for being Unconstitutional once we exposed them: