Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KingCast presents: Known liar Derek Lodie's trial, continuance or Plea agreement..... Newsflash: 4-6 concurrent, video at evening news.

Update...... 9:47p -- Video is exporting to file, then upload to YouTube, prolly done about 11 maybe a tad earlier actually 11:30-11:45 (It was 11:36).

Guilty Plea on Assault Charges, Attempted Murder dismissed. Four (4) to Six (6) years concurrent, no victim statements. Attorney Carney did his best to keep KingCast cameras from capturing his client but he should know that's a futile attempt. I'm too quick for that, not to mention persistent, so I'm gonna shoot my Canon at whatever I want to, when I want to. This is a Free Country, it's called America, dammit.

Will Derek Lodie's trial for (another) (attempted) murder commence today? I don't know but I'll find out. You see, as noted in this post about this central figure in the Revere Dan Talbot/Robert Iacoviello murder trial, we don't really know what's going on with Derek Lodie, except for the fact that he loves to confront people whom he believes give him a hard time, and he and Michael Picardi sure know how to tell some lies. Well that's not true. We also know that the eyewitness account of Revere LE Billy Soto put the gun flash in his hand when Dan Talbot got shot.

And we also know that the proferred testimony of Michael Racca could be heard to put the gun in Derek Lodie's hand, but don't let me tell you that. Instead I'll let Mr. Racca tell you himself. And remember that Mr. Racca is a young man who headed back to school to be an EMT/nurse, he's actually doing something positive with his life, unlike the procession of dirtbag State witnesses we got to watch at trial. Am I making a credibility assessment? Well in a word, yah.

PS: With all these concurrent sentences (read about the new, reinvented altruistic "Batman" Jason Watson (a/k/a "the Continued Restraining Order Guy) in these posts) running around you would think these cats were friggin' altar boys or something. They ain't, but hell I would be smiling too if I'm sitting in Derek Lodie's shoes and getting the Deal he just got.

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