Friday, September 3, 2010

KingCast sees Picardi pass on the press, case continued.

Here's your back story. Michael Picardi's lawyer, Charles F. Jordan, is a pretty interesting guy. Anyway they filed a Motion to Dismiss and he ordered his client not to come out, so I'll have to wait for the Trial or the Plea. Meantime we shot the shit about baseball, it was a very compelling discussion I'll say that, but that is strictly for those of us who were there to know :)

It is a very interesting case, legally, as it involves 274/4 Accessory After the Fact and 268/13B/A Witness Intimidation. The actus reus is different for each crime, I will explain later when the Court rules on his Motion but some of it of course deals with his little Conspiracy to Lie with Mr. Slap-on-the-wrist Derek Lodie. In fact, Lodie got such a walkover for fabricating evidence, stabbing someone and lying about it that would be logical to question whether he has something on somebody, like if the Revere PD had jacked him up for an 8Ball or something the night Dan Talbot died but agreed to keep quiet about it while he fingered Robert Iacoviello. Given the sheer amount of BS in the Dan Talbot murder trial , including magic casings that land on Gatorade bottles, one has to ask.

I seem to have dropped the audio here but not to worry, I'll be there for the next hearing and the trial or Plea Agreement, and so will Mr. Picardi at that point. But what about the lack of toxicology tests and results, I'm going to ask my First Amendment Foe DA Dan Conley for that, remember I was on this back in February, 2008 and that's one reason that dude can't stand me. So be it, I'm gonna say what I wanna say, and ask what I wanna ask, this is America, dammit.

WHEREFORE, DA Dan Conley: Please provide a copy of any and all full toxicology reports for each and every Revere Police Officer who was present at the Revere High School at any point during the evening that Dan Talbot died, per MGL 66 § 10.

If you have no responsive documents, provide a copy of the documents evincing your attempts to gather such information from anyone.

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