Sunday, December 20, 2009

KingCast and TOUCH FM Blog present: Policework for Dummies -- how to review the Quincy "road rage" shooting incident.

1. Discard any preconceived notions about moneyed young men, firefighters or women in possession of cocaine.

2. Evaluate all persons involved for alcohol and/or illicit drugs. That's what Mayor Menino or Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan say they would do. This only makes sense given that there was cocaine in the jeep that Joseph Fasano was driving, and cocaine on his face.

3. Evaluate the vehicles thoroughly. Who owns and insures the vehicles that were involved? There might be something interesting there that could help establish a motive either which-a-way. It's fascinating that Ms. Bynarowicz initially said she didn't know the shooter, but I'm quite sure that's not true becaue of the issues countenanced in item #4.

4. Evaluate the living and entertainment circumstances of Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano and Jennifer Bynarowicz. This is important because Ms. Bynarowicz reportedly dated (how recently I don't know) Robert O'Connell's Uncle, William O'Connell, and she reportedly lived in or still lives in a condo owned by him. That's a nice May-October relationship but hey love is love, it's All Good until somebody looses any eye or some intestinal organs, right.

Step back and admit the fact that if Robert O'Connell was not from a prominent family, he would likely be jailed right now -- held without bond -- even though it certainly does appear that Mr. Fasano was the aggressor, what with that Bolivian Marching Powder running through his veins. He's also got quite the driving record, replete with suspensions, accidents, etc. etc. Download it here. Wonder what Mr. O'Connell's driving record is like, the major media should report that as well, fair is fair.

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