Friday, December 25, 2009

NAACP sues Ameriquest Mortg. Co., Citigroup and others for systemic racial discrimination in mortgage lending, 635 F. Supp. 2d 1096 (2009).

NAACP v. Ameriquest Mortg. Co., Citigroup et al., 635 F. Supp. 2d 1096 (2009), Motion to Dismiss Second Amended Complaint DENIED.

(March 11, 2008) The NAACP and lead counsel Brian Kabateck filed papers Friday, March 7, that will fast track their federal class action lawsuit against Washington Mutual, Citi, GMAC and 15 other mortgage firms who systematically steered African American borrowers into predatory loans.
"The victims in this case had the same credit, the same income and the same qualifications as the lenders' other customers. The only difference was the color of their skin. That's why they were stuck with abusive loans," said Kabateck, Managing Partner of Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP.

"Quickly resolving this case is essential for victims who have ruined credit and who are losing their homes. This isn't just about justice for the victims. This case is about making sure that this kind of discrimination is stamped out for good," said NAACP General Counsel Angela Ciccolo.

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  1. As I have said, Citibank should be boycotted and avoided at all costs unless or until they start to act in the manner of a responsible corporate citizen. The money-laundering connections outlined by the General Accounting Office (GAO), the California and Ohio AG complaints, the racist jokes sent between managers up and down the East Coast, and of course President Obama's historic lawsuit years ago all come to mind.

    Meanwhile the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and I are STILL awaiting production of that bank video that purportedly shows me to be acting in a suspicious or threatening manner such that they were justified in refusing to open a bank account for me.