Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why is Cat Gibbons/Miracle Mortgage v. Martha Coakley's Mass Division of Banks such a pivotal case on government and race relations?

Simple. It is because of the "arbitrary and capricious" actions toward her that also constitute "unlawful racial discrimination" and "ex post facto" application of the law and policies. Read the summary at wepapers.com and note the following points of emphasis:

1. In their rabid quest to permanently revoke her license, DOB failed to produce a letter to MCAD in which a senior manager falsely accused her of being a convicted felon. They maintained their arbitrary and capricious stance after receiving an Affidavit from Ms. Gibbons' Attorney. Yes, I have read that Affidavit. MCAD is not going to appreciate these facts when they go to review the case I'll tell that much right now.

2. DOB finally admitted that they developed a policy of investigating Stated Income Deals when buyers were placed in harm's way by shady real estate professionals, i.e. loan officers or brokers. However, unlike some of the complaints that were "unfounded" in their own data sheet (did not host well but the download works flawlessly), Ms. Gibbons' deals DID NOT place people in harm's way -- they got interest rates comparable to fully-documented deals and there was no trickery and no foreclosure.

3. The Superior Court didn't seem to care that the DOB failed to follow the ten (10) day rule under ALM GL ch. 66, § 10, regarding Good Faith cost estimates on her public records request to DOB, but MCAD will not be so tolerant, people are watching this case closely. Very closely.

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  1. I see the Commonwealth is reviewing its own data spreadsheet:

    16th December 2009
    Exit Link


    But that's okay.

    Unlike them, we have nothing to hide.

    They are in for an ugly protracted battle if they want to keep it up we will meet them at every crossroad.

    -The Editor.

  2. Cat Gibbons will be taking a lie detector test as to everything she alleges and she has two licensed attorneys who will be witnesses against the DOB regarding the DOB's actions in falsely maintaining that she was a convicted felon.

    And that's just for starters.

    -The Editor

  3. The Government was in here 44 times between 8:06a.m. and 4:09p.m., you had better believe they are worried.

    We are about to start naming names and exposing their secret little society but there is nothing they can do to stop it.

    Wait until you see the letter going out to DOB tomorrow Cat just showed me after conferring with licensed learned counsel.

    -The Editor.