Saturday, April 17, 2010

KingCast, Brown Rudnick announce: The firm will dump its wasteful cars and SUVs for a fleet of Kawasaki 650R motorcycles!

Sooo....I mean, that's all I can infer from from downloading this picture at 5:14pm yesterday. That's cool though, I can dig it, blue blood lawyers getting crunchy and green, Solid. KingCast out in front and paving the way for social change and environmental responsibility. I wheelie mean it!
In fact, I was so damn inspired I made an iMovie short film about the 650R, maybe I'll have to add them into it, you know give them full credit 'cos I would hate to purloin anyone else's IP. The movie will be up in a few, before nightfall. Now what's really going to be fun is making the movie about the movie relative to Moody Street Pictures and Casey Sherman's screenplay adaptation of "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." Read about it here. I'll have one coming for my friends at Citibank too.

I had said I wanted Mos Def to play my role, but Will Smith will do as well!
KingCast: I shawl do love me some video :)

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