Sunday, April 11, 2010

KingCast says it's More Than a Feeling..... there's no coincidence in two pending Boston Herald Defamation lawsuits.

Joanna Marinova and Tom Scholz have much in common, read the Mass Lawyers Weekly feature in the comments, and my last post about the scumbag rag Boston Herald, whose lawyers camp out in my blogs. Ms. Marinova's Attorney David Rich says it's a coincidence, but this is probably the only thing on which he and I will vehemently disagree. As I noted yesterday in the Poetic Justice birthday post on the Franconia shooting tragedy and failed SB154, there's no such thing as a coincidence :)

To those of us of a certain age who grew up in prep schools across America we will never forget the pioneering boys of Boston, here's to first kisses, 'heavy petting' and Amanda, RIP Brad.

PS: Lynn catch a clue honey. I am your elder and I've been changing law and policy for years.

Think about these issues with the current laws and policies here in Mass:

Tuesday 16 June 2009
5:35 – 5:50p

Norfolk inmate council meeting w/gov Heffernan Ron Bell, James Bender, Don Mohammad, Superintendent Clarke (but not with Darrell....)

Query, where are the governor’s minutes….. creative solutions required… Darrell Jones has all the answers, why no conversation with him yet?

Commissions, you want Commissions.... President Johnson, Wickersersham Commission, Attica 1971, Norfolk report 14 Dec. 1987, Unwillingness of administration to respond to concerns of the inmate’s council…. Same issues seen by Harshbargar Report…… Flynn quit…..

Governor Patrick 3 April 2009: “What I ran for was the importance of putting plans into position to make real change, that’s what I’ve done for all Departments….”


PPS: This just in..... read the comments because Pastor Dickerson's letter, published in full in the comments and sent to all major media, is quite revealing. You see, Darrell and I chatted about the fact that around here in the Land of the Underground Railroad and Equal Opportunity, us field nigra' folks and our sympathizers get blacklisted for telling or seeking the truth (happened to Ms. Marinova and to Yours Truly) by others who are bought off and move on into the Plantation, get the freshest table scraps they can find. We all know negroes like this, totally spineless jellyfish..... Danke Boss, Yessuh' No-Suh' Massuh'..... I'm powerful sorry it won't happen no' mo' massuh....

Enough Already, you guys are killing me here.

Meanwhile, it often happens that those accused of disfavoring the KingCast/Jones/Marinova/Todd & Weld platform actually support our efforts, come to find out, ahem. That's what Pastor Dickerson's letter is all about, folks. It goes a lil' somethin' like this:
I am writing to follow up on the May 2009 story involving the correct outcome of Rep. Gloria Fox’s investigative visit to MCI Old Colony State Prison. The media released a false story accusing Rep Fox of sneaking into the prison a girlfriend of an inmate.......

Related KingCast Jam: Gang of Four, "Ether." Read the lyrics to see why. H-Block Long Kesh baby. They did it in Ireland, they do it here. I know certain folks involved with Gang of Four, and they are all Good People. Good, good, people. I forgot they did the Marie Antoinette trailer and stuff, watch it here, and then here is the Former NH AG Kelly Ayotte Marie Antoinette brioche post, off with her head I say. Anyway these cats are smart as a whip. And did I forget to mention they throw down? Damn, they throw down.

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