Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KingCast, Dagha and America SCORES all support our Nation's most valuable commodity at the NYSE Poetry Slam!

Sooooo.....these children rolled in from the four corners of the Country and just flat rocked it while Dagha hit another home run as the quintessential Master of Ceremonies. It was an extremely inspirational evening all around, with the children as poets laureate making the adults stop and think about the Real Meaning of Life. Children are good at that. And America SCORES is particularly good at providing the fuel to stoke the creative fires of our Youth. Watch for more Slam! participants in short vids by tomorrow evening before I go into movie mode and disappear for a while. I enjoyed meeting every single person who introduced themselves to me tonight as a SCORES participant.

Only a child is innocent, they say. And that is why the innocence of Youth will henceforth be reflected in my prose for my legal nemesis, Citibank lawyer Sam Shaulson, Esq. Citi is of course a Major Sponsor of SCORES programs as am I. Be that as it may, we have to grow as Men and begin to carve out an enlightened sort of relationship relative to the discrimination litigation. Sam needs to quit lying (Sam you know the Decision Maker who refused to open a bank account for me and who threatened me with arrest for no good reason was not African-American, yet you wrote that it was in a legal pleading) and covering up for his client's actions. In turn, I need to quit being so vituperative in my posts about those lies. Any other approach is foolhardy and must not be followed. As such, I will change the nature of my posts going forward and raise him one.

In speaking with America SCORES CEO Norma Barquet (video currently uploading) about this very issue, we agreed:
"The Truth will all come out... and you gotta' do what you gotta' do."

Short vids uploading throughout the evening, short film coming in the next few days. By the way, the out-of-focus young man with his hands on his head is reacting to the poem being shared by the young man with his arm outstretched. The young lady with the stuffed puppy is precious. The other young lady, contrary to appearances, is celebrating... she is not about to strike the Evening's Host. Stay tuned.

Peace and Love to all of you.
KingCast: The Cat in the Hat.

PS: As if on cue, I went for a beer after the event and the bartender Bridget is a Sarah Lawrence MFA in Poetry, I will be introducing her to the folks at SCORES so that she can participate. Life is Beautiful. And the Jewish Cat in the yamaka has absolutely nothing to do with this evening except that he's in some B roll stuff I'll set in the movie, I just barely caught him out of the corner of my eye during a video so it's kind of soft but goodness what a countenance nonetheless :)

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