Thursday, April 29, 2010

KingCast reminder to Sam Shaulson, Melissa Rodriguez and Citibank: I've been winning oral advocacy awards and trials for years, guys.

Rev it up, boys and girls. State Debate finals, 1979 IIRC, and BLSA Second Place entire Midwest Region, 1992 and State v. Doyle, 1999. Juries tend to like me even as you and other corporate haters like American Tower imply I'm a Dangerous, Threatening Black Man. As D.S.'s Affidavit (and "American Lawyer" at I emailed to Sam last night shows, they were just pissed-off because I reported underpayment of my trainees to the DOL, which fined.... err.... settled with them for $290K.

Anyway, you care to find out? If you do, I do.
PS: KingCast, Daniel S. Sogg, Dr. Joshua A. Breslau. We don't play. We come to win.

It's gnarly.

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