Friday, April 16, 2010

KingCast, Emily Rooney and Beat The Press say the Boston Herald and Channel 7 are going down, down down for CORI leak Defamation of Joanna Marinova.

Watch it here, Blam! I'm watching it now, but I already told you so here. I know all about writing for a large daily newspaper back 20 friggin' years ago, and I know these guys violate every canon of ethics possible in collaborating with the DOC scumbags to try to put down the reasonable efforts toward prison reform established and maintained by Darrell Jones, Ms. Marinova and others. But Darrell is really The Man.

Note: One of the panelists said the Herald was addressing a security breach but that's false because the story doesn't speak to that in any way, shape or form. But it does repeatedly speak to phantom sex acts.

Note: Dan Kennedy raises an important point about confidentiality of sources at 2:57 but really the problem is that it's a CORI violation AND a confidential source. That violation of the Law is all the Court needs to ORDER production of the witness, I have provided legal analysis of this already, duh. Globe Newspaper Co. v. District Attorney for Middle Dist., 439 Mass. 374, 788 NE2d 513 (2003) read para. 5. But Jessica Van Sack may indeed find herself in the exact same situation that Toni Locy was in, facing contempt of court charges in that $5.8M Settlement in Hatfill v. NYTimes, infra, for failing to name confidential sources BECAUSE OF THE ILLEGALITY INVOLVED. Hell everyone knows I'm all about Reporter's Privilege but as Michelle Malkin pointed out Judge Walton had some cautionary words for journalists on Tuesday, but he saved his harshest judgments for the unidentified officials who linked Dr. Hatfill to the anthrax investigation in the news media.
“There’s not a scintilla of evidence to suggest Dr. Hatfill had anything to do with it,” the judge said, yet the public notoriety has “destroyed his life.”

Which is exactly what Jessica Van Sack and the other merry band of illegal pranksters did to Joanna Marinova.

Note: Callie Crossley misspoke when she raised the prison element because when the audio tapes of Darrell Jones' discussions with elected officials are published here -- and only here first -- you will see that people did in fact support the prisons and Mr. Jones' efforts at curbing Youth Violence and recidivism. Watch the damn Chronicle video right here and CBS video here. You think we're effin' around, we're not effin' around, we're here to kick ass and take names, dude.

Also, a police officer is a public figure with respect to Defamation but Ms. Marinova is not. Even if she were somehow a public figure per Hatfill v. NYTimes, the standard for false statement and reckless disregard has been met. See Rotkiewicz v. Sadowsky, 431 Mass. 748 (2000).

Learn about Darrell Jones here:
He also may have been wrongly convicted, wait for details on his trial soon.
KingCast: When it comes to Civil Rights, I go for the jugular and you haters can't do a damn thing about it. Cocky I am, and built to stay that way and I'll bear no compunction to tell it right to your face. Archive EVERYTHING.

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