Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial 2 Feb. 2010 -- Verdict at 2p. -- Jury says Robert Iacoviello and James Heang are Guilty.

Meanwhile, interesting that the Globe does not allow for public comment on this very public issue, no offense intended whatsoever to Maria Cramer, it was enjoyable to work with her on this trial.

More on Derek Lodie.

After more than two years of heartache and 2.5 days of deliberation, closure has arrived for Patty Talbot in the form of Guilty Verdicts against Robert Iacoviello, Jr. (Murder 2 and Firearm possession) and James Heang (Accessory, NG on possession). No charges brought against Michael Picardi due to "prosecutorial discretion" as noted in the above video, even though the State knows that he was the chief mastermind in disassembling the murder weapon.

Sentencing will come at a later date per request of the Defendants, and victim statements will be taken later as well. Seated next to Ms. Talbot, the Victim's advocate told her "Both Paul and Connie said the same thing, they're not ready."

Ms. Talbot -- with whom I have a cordial rapport, despite what you haters have to say -- was sobbing throughout most of the courtroom verdict procedure and unlike other reporters, I didn't bother trying to ask her for a comment, it's just not the Right Time.

It was a hotly-contested case and there will be hotly-contested appeals based on the issues I have set forth in this blog, and some others. "He didn't do it, and we will appeal to the SJC," offered Defense Attorney Peter Krupp.

Wherever that leaves the State and the Defendants and the families is neither here or there at this point, but what is here and there for us as a society to think about is the fact that Youth and LE had better start acting in a more mature fashion out on these streets, or tragedies like this one are bound to repeat themselves.

Also, I was correct in my analysis, 100% because the Jury did not find for Murder 1:

Another lawyer got on the elevator with me today at lunch break. We look at each other and nod. There is a long, hard blink between us and we almost immediately knew each other as former LE Attorneys watching a horrible case. There was silent communication between us that what happened is a shame all around. He broke the silence first.

"That's gonna' take a lot of rehabilitation there," he said, speaking of how dinged-up Krupp left Papandrea on the witness stand.

"I know, Man," I responded. "That was pretty ugly in there."

"You don't get to murder one on that witness, no you don't."
I'm still not clear how we got a Murder 2 charge on the table, and if Krupp did not ask for it that may be part of an appeal.

KingCast: Like it or not, I'm talking about the Real Issues.

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Related post: Closing Arguments. And to you haters, I would have recorded the State's closing argument as well, but with major media there I was prohibited, this matter was addressed and everything is okay now, I spoke with the Chief Bailiff, but more rules will need to be crafted.
PS: At top, two of my favorite pictures of the lead warriors Krupp and Edmund Zabin -- but also dig the big picture of Zabin next to Channel 7, catch his parabolic reflection in the eyeglass, nice.

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