Friday, February 5, 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial 5 Feb 2010: Sentencing and a rude, unprofessional response from DA Dan Conley "I don't have to talk to anybody."

I have complimented Dan Conley's office when they did a good job (Stroman) and I have repeatedly said that both lead counsel (Prosecutor Zabin and Defense counsel Peter Krupp) in this case "performed admirably," but apparently that's not enough for DA Dan Conley. No Sir. So he refuses to talk to me because he doesn't like me airing dirty LE laundry as I did with the 34 Dan Talbot murder trial videos and daily commentary about the trial. Such coverage included some possible Appellate issues and questions about why known repeat criminal Michael Picardi was not charged, even though he was admittedly the mastermind in destroying the murder weapon, see numbered para. 1.

Dear Attorney Conley:
You indicated you wouldn't talk to me even after I get the press credentials. Suit yourself, if you want to show up on YouTube videos being a jerk the rest of your life, I will be more than happy to help you with that. "Am I a credentialed journalist?" Fool I've been a daily reporter years ago and I'm credentialed enough to have run the most complete coverage of ANY MEDIA of this trial, so there you go. I've never even bothered with the credential process here in Mass because if someone has a Good Heart and integrity as a public official, they don't bother playing games like that. But you Sir, showed your true colors today.

I don't know who you think you are, but don't you ever put your finger in my face again, are we clear?

In another video that is uploading folks will note that Patty Talbot and I exchange pleasantries. I'm cool with her, and I'm all right with Officer Talbot's brother Paul, we have had respectful exchanges on several occasions, especially when they asked about the autopsy photos that I have a policy never to publish. And whether any of you haters can appreciate this or not, I have not said one bad word about Officer Talbot other than what he and the others were engaged in on that fateful night, so stuff it. And that means you too, Attorney Conley. See you at the next trial.

Now then on to the sentencing and victim comments and statements from counsel:
Defendant Iacoviello has about 200 days left on his successive sentence for the weapons charge, then 15-life at the discretion of the parole board.
Defendant Heang will get 3-6, typed statements coming later tonight or over the weekend in this same post.

But to me, the Real Story is the contempt that DA Dan Conley showed
a taxpayer and resident of the Commonwealth and former AAG today. KingCast is only going to get bigger, stronger and better, so we're in for some hellified videos if he maintains that attitude. Get your popcorn.


  1. Oh my God Beckey, what a deusch!!!! he was so rude to you... I can not believe it..Sooo it makes me think so many things about this case....
    He was so rude to you..hmmmmmm

  2. Not to mention the fact that he's on Constructive knowledge that I filed a copy of the Motion linked herein because I hand-delivered a copy of it to Attorney Zabin.

    Heinous activity from somebody who works for me.

    -The Editor.

  3. Did you get to film the sentencing in the court room? I was just wondering? Sorry he was so rude to you Mr. King.. Boy his actions reminded me of the actions on a fatal night in Revere. He was so unprofessionl and acted like some Revere cops we know.............

  4. 3:27

    Nope, Major Media was there so we got to see them take an hour of footage and play back virtually none of it. Check the Internet, you'll find virtually no video of it.

    And you know what else?

    Conley wants to see my credentials even as he goes and speaks to Seth Daniel from the Revere Journal to spite me, but of course the Revere Journal has no problem with my credentials, they run my trial photos.

    DA Conley was indeed acting in the manner of a racist, First Amendment-hating pig.

    -The Editor.

  5. Dear Mr. King, I am the Aunt of Bobby Iacoviello and I reside in Colorado. I was not able to come to Boston for the trial. I want to thank you for being my eyes and ears of this trial. You are a wonderful human being...You should be proud of the great work you do. I know I am proud of you and your work.. Thank you so much for being there. (especially for me). Susan

  6. Dear Susan,

    You are more than welcome. I am just as exhausted and spent as I was from handling trials on the other side of the jury box, but that's okay.

    The issues had to come out, and I've been waiting to do this ever since I heard about the case 2 years ago.

    Peace to you and your family.

    Peace to the Talbot family.

    I look forward to covering the Appellate process, feel free to email me at


  7. Read it Read Good, Dan. You'll be reading it the rest of your Natural Life, wherever you go, if I have to hire a college intern to track you and post this link and video, hahahaaa... now stick your finger in my face again.

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  8. A private citizen of no friend or relation of mine just contacted me.

    This citizen caught much of the exchange on video too (on his phone) and I won't repeat what the person said about Conley and his Press Secretary Jake Wark but the word "hole" was involved.

    He's working on sending me the file now, Tuesday 9 Feb 2010.

    -The KingCaster.

  9. PS: Dear Attorney Conley, those credentials are coming later this week or top of next, I'm reaching for the plastic and the order form right now for New England Newspaper & Press Association, once they reviewed the facts they were more than happy to welcome me in.

    I sincerely hope we can keep our future conversations professional, I'll do my part if you do yours.


    -The Editor

  10. Also by the time Dan Conley pulled his little gangster move he was well aware of who I am, and that Masters in Criminal Justice had top-ranked my personal blog with the ACLU.

    30 Return Visits here:

    They were aware that I had praised the DA's on another murder case, and they were aware of, my main website portal, so Conley was just being a hater, pure and simple and I caught him on camera, as did an observer I spoke with yesterday who is trying to load the video and a picture of press secretary Jake Wark giggling like a little girl on to a CD to present to me.

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