Thursday, February 11, 2010

KingCast reminder: Keep a watchful eye on Martha Coakley now that she's still an AG seeking bogus convictions.

I was having an interesting dialogue with one of the Dan Talbot murder trial jurors in this William Soto spent casing post when it dawned on me:

As noted in this post on the eve of Martha Coakley's loss to Scott Brown, Martha Coakley was part of a rabid prosecution of against the Amirault family and Fells Acre School. Gerald Amirault came home long after A Juror came forward in that case, as noted in Dorothy Rabinowitz's Wall Street Journal story, posted here in the Pulitzer archives, "A Juror has second thoughts."
"We did not know the children were inappropriately interviewed," writes the juror -- nor did he or the rest of the jurors know how authorities and parents influenced that testimony.

"If I knew then, what I know now from reading the newspaper, I would not have convicted Mr. Amirault," he adds. The juror's letter concludes with a final plea to "release Mr. Amirault and undo a terrible wrong."
Another Rabinowitz Journal story "Martha Coakley's Convictions" says it all:
Gerald, it was alleged, had plunged a wide-blade butcher knife into the rectum of a 4-year-old boy, which he then had trouble removing. When a teacher in the school saw him in action with the knife, she asked him what he was doing, and then told him not to do it again, a child said. On this testimony, Gerald was convicted of a rape which had, miraculously, left no mark or other injury......

.....In 2000, the Massachusetts Governor's Board of Pardons and Paroles met to consider a commutation of Gerald's sentence. After nine months of investigation, the board, reputed to be the toughest in the country, voted 5-0, with one abstention, to commute his sentence. Still more newsworthy was an added statement, signed by a majority of the board, which pointed to the lack of evidence against the Amiraults, and the "extraordinary if not bizarre allegations" on which they had been convicted.
Martha Coakley is running a similar game, by and through the Massachusetts Division of Banks, against a black woman named Cat Gibbons, check the video here. Gibbons is believed to be one of only three black female mortgage brokers in Massachusetts, and she held a #1 rating until the shenanigans set into play by the Division, which ignored her earlier complaints against white-owned businesses including Fidelity Guarantee, even though Fidelity had received a Cease and Desist Order in Vermont for similar unethical practices. See Fidelity Guarantee Mortgage Corporation v. T Reben, 809 F2d 931 (1987).

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