Friday, February 19, 2010

KingCast sees New York Times observing the Joanna Marinova v. Jessica Van Sack, Boston Herald & Channel 7 pending Defamation/CORI violation lawsuit.

Oh, yah!



They read all about the emails to and From Mary Beth Heffernan vis a vis Governor Deval Patrick as seen in this post, so they know all about the Herald calling a black man "Boone the Coon," and they know all about the well overdue Public Records Request I issued last month. I won't dare to imagine what they are interested in, but whatever the case, life sure is about to be interesting for a whole lot of people. I've got my cameras and popcorn at the ready to record every single public event.

the DOC has invited Ms. Marinova to participate in visitor policy evaluation, not long after she and I posted about the proposed policy changes to CMR 103 that were blatantly Unconstitutional. Turns out Governor Patrick didn't even know about the proposed changes, that's what a little birdy told us.

Here's the protea post from the day I took Ms. Marinova on over to Todd & Weld so they could sort this mess out and start holding people accountable for Defamation and blatant CORI violations, I love it. I absolutely love my work, can't wait to get on the new, bigger radio station and public access we're gonna rock Boston, let me clear my throat, ahem :)

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