Thursday, February 11, 2010

What happened to the missing video/Michael Racca post?

It is here.

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  1. Also by the time Dan Conley pulled his little gangster move he was well aware of who I am, and that Masters in Criminal Justice had top-ranked my personal blog with the ACLU.

    30 Return Visits here:

    They were aware that I had praised the DA's on another murder case, and they were aware of, my main website portal, so Conley was just being a hater, pure and simple and I caught him on camera, as did an observer I spoke with yesterday who is trying to load the video and a picture of press secretary Jake Wark giggling like a little girl on to a CD to present to me.

    IP Address Mass_DA_1 [Edit Label]
    Country United States
    Region Massachusetts
    City Boston
    ISP Massachusetts District Attorneys Association
    Returning Visits 30
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