Friday, February 12, 2010

Suffolk DA Dan Conley's office Googled KingCast + Revere Journal..... plus here is Officer Dan Talbot's last official act.

See now that they know the Revere Journal published my photos, and they know I've got my Journalist credentials, they are figuring out how to get the egg stains off of DA Dan Conley's face for acting like such a jerk to me because now I've got the upper hand the next time I see him, whether he likes it or not, the video is no Word of a Lie.

I asked Jake Wark for an apology (watch this video where I had previously stated he was "always professional and courteous" at 4:29) but guess I was wrong: He apparently sees nothing wrong with his actions of giggling like a child while his boss takes a crap on the First Amendment, so hater is as hater does, there you go.

Here is what the Search retrieved. As to spelling, well hey let's hope that my name and the name of the paper were just fat-finger typos; in the Lord of the Flies post I fat-fingered Officer Talbot's BAC as .016 rather than 0.16 so these things do happen.

Search Engine Phrase chirstopher king revere journel

Search Engine Name Google
Search Engine Host
IP Address Mass_DA_2 [Edit Label]
Country United States
Region Massachusetts
City Boston
ISP Massachusetts District Attorneys Association
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length Multiple visits spread over more than one day

PS: Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot's last official act. Read it carefully because it's a Hot One, and it is the bravery that I referenced in this video at 1:30 I would hope that DA Conley follows up on it, maybe I will ask him about it next time I see him. In fact, I'm sure that I will so Dan and Jake you are on Actual Notice so you can get your acts together and muster some semblance of professionalism in honor of a fallen LE and stop trying to take a p*ss on me, don't you'll find yourselves looking into the wind.

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