Monday, February 15, 2010

KingCast says Amy Bishop minority campus shootings show the effects of New England LE malfeasance, covering for their own, the thin blue line kills.

Update: The Boston Herald today reported that a "retired" former ADA John Kivlan said there was nothing wrong in the investigative process, blah blah blah. Too bad that dude is a shill for former DA Delahunt, that's why I put the huge page capture up front and center. The States of NH and MA always fail to produce good ballistics when they are covering up something, up to and including the placement of shell casings in police murder trials.

Note: Read Stephen Doherty's nightmare account of wrongful imprisonment as a result of DA William Delahunt, the same DA whose malfeasance (along with that of former Braintree Chief John Polio) is likely a substantial reason Amy Bishop slipped through the system in the first place.
Huntsville, Alabama will never be the same after a white woman gunned down three minorities, but LE in New England will keep on keepin' on, stuck on stupid and doing favors for their own. And that in turn will lead to death and agony. CBS News asks if she murdered her own brother.

From the Boston Herald's "Quincy man recalls Amy Bishop holdup." LE let her go instead of giving orders to shoot to kill or even charging her with attempted armed robbery and felonious assault with a deadly weapon spec when someone not well-connected -- or dare I say a minority suspect -- would have had their heads blown off considering she had just bust a cap in her own brother, Seth:
Pettigrew then watched as Bishop walked through the dealership looking at cars, all the while grasping the gun.

By then, police arrived and swarmed the parking lot. One armed officer climbed up on a nearby roof, Pettigrew said, and could have taken her out.

Instead, they arrested her. Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier has said officers on duty claim they were forced by retired former Chief John Polio to let Bishop, whose mother was a member of the police personnel board, go. Polio denies that and said then-District Attorney William Delahunt investigated the case and ruled it an accident.

I wrote:

As a former Assistant Attorney General I can safely tell you that this is a story of LE run amok, and it is nothing new.

I put up 36 videos of the Dan Talbot murder trial and have reviewed the cop-on-cop shooting at a closed Concord NH credit union and in both instances shell casing and/or gun removal from a crime scene and other protocol were flat out VIOLATED WITH IMPUNITY, with no substantial recourse. But no substantial punishments for these violations because they are LE and/or friends of LE c'mon folks connect the dots here.

Everything documented right here:

And let's not forget the 7 specific OC Spray and Pursuit policies (see item #9) that Franconia's Bruce McKay violated in ramming Liko Kenney's car off the road over an underlying simple registration violation, when the AG's office and Town of Franconia BOTH refused to issue any analysis of the stop -- because there were obviously Constitutional violations implicated.

Now DA Dan Conley and his Press Secretary Jake Wark can be as nasty to me as they want to be for exposing government malfeasance to the general public in ways never done before (watch the video), but it's not going to change the fact that the thin blue line must, at times, be crossed.

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  1. Not to mention the pipe bomb issue.
    Anyway, nobody wants to say what's up with the fact that the victims were all minorities but if a black person killed 3 Caucasians that would definitely be noted.

    On to a larger, fully sanctioned radio format and public television.