Thursday, February 18, 2010

KingCast says "Kudos to Dan Conley in Southie arson murder conviction."

Just down the road from me (exactly 1 mile), on a street I pass several times a week, two beautiful young girls died as a result of poor lifestyle choices and the beastly actions of one Nicole Chuminski, who actually SET FIRE to a row house out of spite and anger against their mother, Anna Reisopoulos. Here is an excellent Boston Globe editorial by Peter Gelzinis on that. Sophia and Acia Johnson were pretty much born into a life of hell, and they in turn died a hellish death.

People say I'm hard on Dan, but only when he deserves it. When he does good (well) I say so.

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  1. I am so saddened by this. They died in a closet, in a similar embrace to what you see in the picture :(

    -The Editor.