Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martha Coakley's thugs are busy beating down reporters, moving polling places and railroading Cat Gibbons at the Massachusetts Division of Banks.

First off, a little birdy told me that if you live in Wards 4, 7, 8 and many others, your polling place has been moved for this special election. Apparently, the odds of this happening are greater if you live in a less-affluent neighborhood and less likely to own a car to get you from one place to the next. Vote late or note at all, or to coin a phrase from Depeche Mode, every vote counts, in large amounts.

Second, what, AG Coakley's Division of Banks thugs won't even provide Certified copies of Ms. Gibbons' responses to their bogus assertion that she, as one of only 3 black female brokers should have her license revoked for making 5 Stated Income Deals that put no one in harm's way? Please. Read Cat Gibbons' hard line response to Martha Coakley's thugs right here.

The Division -- by and through Gregory Short -- even falsely labeled Cat Gibbons a convicted felon, which is Defamation of the highest order. Read the related Affidavit from Attorney Harvey W. Levin, and here is the 20 Nov. 2009 blog entry.

Mr. Meehan, you shove me as you shoved reporter John McCormack and I'll give you a shiner sue you quicker than you can say "Whoops." Here's a pic of took of AG Coakley under more relaxed circumstances off my iPhone during a Senate session in which we both testified.

PS: She's hell on wheels with regard to CORI violations as well, take a look (at her inaction, that is).

Below are some pertinent facts about Cat Gibbons/Miracle Mortgage v. Martha Coakley's Massachusetts Divsion of Banks, MCAD 09-BPA-02883. It's all about AG Coakley and some of these specific individuals at the Division:
John Prendergast, Chief Risk Officer
Cynthia Begin, Senior Deputy Commissioner
Gregory Short, Deputy Commissioner
Christopher Pope, Deputy Commissioner
Aimee Desai, Associate Counsel
Erin Berger, Chief Director



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