Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boston Herald covers Martha Coakley's enforcement against the Mass Garden Club Federation, which pales next to Coakley's treatment of Cat Gibbons.

Here's today's story by Hilary Chabot. Here's the Cat Gibbons story. Spot the difference? While the Garden club ladies have at least committed some kind of violation, Ms. Gibbons has not, and that's why the State has made many different excuses over the past year as to why they are trying to revoke her license as one of only three (3) black female mortgage brokers. Watch this space for her MCAD Rebuttal and a copy of a letter from the Division of Banks' Greg Short falsely accusing her of being a felon, a position they held long after receiving an 11 Sept. 2008 Affidavit from her lawyer Harvey W. Levin that I am reading right now and will scan today with the Greg Short letter for your viewing pleasure. For now please enjoy the pending Public Information request pursuant to MGL 66 § 10.


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