Friday, January 15, 2010

Public records request on Executive Order 478 to Martha Coakley's Mass. Division of Banks clarified.

Here is Executive Order 478, and here is the clarification that was sought by Martha Coakley Division of Banks Chief Operating Officer David J. Cotney. Mr. Cotney and his friends are bracing for the rest of the litigation pending by Cat Gibbons. On a related note, remember how Martha Coakely took over the Boston City Hall Michael Kineavy-Mayor Menino email scandal investigation?

Anybody have any news on that since then? Attorney Coakley and I had a little lawyer-to-lawyer tete a tete about that at the Senate Hearing at which we both testified back on 15 October, 2009 and I snagged this iPhone picture of her, thankfully she didn't deem me as threatening so I didn't take a beat-down like John McCormack. Anyway, that was three (3) months ago, a quarter of a year, and I haven't heard a thing since.


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  1. The DA's office read this withing minutes of me posting it. I don't know if they are supporting Brown or Coakely but whatever the case they had better believe the impeller blades of that fan are spinning and waiting for the substance to strike them, and when it does, there's going to be quite the mess to clean up.

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