Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Boston Police Commissioner Davis: Fire Justin "Jungle Monkey" Barrett at his discipline hearing.

As noted, on or about 6 January 2010 a disciplinary hearing was scheduled (since rescheduled for 19 January, 2010) because you were about to fire Officer Justin Barrett for his malapropism racial slur, trust me having been called what he meant to say I know he didn't get it right. As a Rhetoric Minor, reporter, editor and lawyer (former AAG + private pratice) I don't even have to "ax him the question" as to why he didn't get it right, read his email right here.

Anyway, you publicly stated:
“The trust with the community is paramount and what we’re trying to do here is to do this right.....There is nothing that I’ve seen that would change any statement that I made before on it."
Sir, with all due respect most LE I like and get along with quite well, you can ask some of the Stateys at the Talbot murder trial. But this dirtbag, you need to jettison. Now there's a good word for Officer Barrett to learn, and I want him to learn it from someone of my, umm... colorful background you bet. Let's use it in an admittedly awkward sentence, commencing with a gerund shall we Officer Barrett:
"Having demonstrated himself to be an ignorant hater unworthy of public trust, Officer Barrett realized that he would soon be jettisoned when his fellow officers turned him in, as the City of Boston's mission of social inclusion and respect could not be sacrificed."
I support you in your endeavors, Sir. The Community cannot tolerate this type of bigotry from anyone.

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  1. This clown has been out on paid leave for months now, he's had time to get his act together so the 'ax' -- to coin his own race bait phrase -- must fall.