Monday, January 4, 2010

Revere Daniel Talbot murder case begins amidst controversy over Police attire.

Uber Update: Trial Testimony. Update: No uniforms. Well awwwwwrighty then, here is today's Boston Herald story.

I spoke with Defendant Iacoviello's Attorney, Peter B. Krupp this morning, who informs that they are still selecting a Jury. Here is what I have to say:

Query, were the cops wearing their uniforms while they were busy breaking the law? If not, then why wear them now?

There is something fishy in Denmark. You need to look at the entire history of the case, and even if it was a cold-blooded murder (which I tend to doubt) have there ever been any toxicology tests run on the LE and girlfriend who were breaking the law? What, still no punishments for LE who were drinking all day, brandishing weapons and drinking and potentially doing drugs at the schoolyard? Smells like the same gloss-over that's going down with reportedly coke-faced Jake Joey Fasano.

If it was a cold-blooded murder then those facts will be adduced at trial and the punishment should be the maximum permitted by Law.

Anyway, at least they fired Ervin Franklin, what a complete waste of taxpayer money he was. See the TOUCH 106.1 FM Disorder in the Court post and an April, 2008 post from my own KingCast blog.

Just the facts, please.


  1. Comments from my home blog via and Chris King's 1st Amendment Page.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Consider: If Iacovella had been killed, would Talbot be on trial or would it have been considered a case of self defense?

    1:40 PM
    Blogger Christopher King said...

    A good comment.

    Talbot would have drawn a pass immediately.

    Run a word search for "Liko Kenney" or "book launch" on this blog.

    -Christopher King, J.D.

    3:29 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I found it interesting that the prosecution account is that Talbot drew his gun only after being shot in the head. That suggests his gun was indeed drawn.

    Again, if the roles were reversed Talbot would have gotten a commendation, not a trial. If talbot drew first and did not annonce himself as police, isn't there a good case for self defnse?

    It will be interesting to see if the defense produces medical testimony as to whether Talbot could have drawn his weapon AFTER being shot in the head. If they do, it will be interesting to see how things transpire.

    3:03 AM
    Blogger Christopher King said...


    Indeed it is fascinating.

    I'll be out there tomorrow or Monday to check things out.


    9:56 AM
    Blogger Christopher King said...

    Funny that kind of dovetails with my comment that they weren't wearing uniforms on the night in question, so why wear them now.

    And because they were not wearing their uniforms it really doesn't make sense that they would be out there drinking and violating the law, and then identify themselves as police....

    Sure as hell wasn't an undercover mission, you typically don't spend all day drinking at Margaritas before you do those.....

    Wonder if it was a drug deal gone sour?

    Wonder if that's why home boy Ervin ran off (again) as a puppy that peed itself.


    I mean, really, draw a weapon after you were shot in the head, that's remarkable.....

    What was the caliber of the bullet, and where exactly did it strike Officer Talbot?

    I'll be looking into that.

    -The Editor.

    10:02 AM

  2. Revere Journal:

    The Talbot Case – Murder trial begins
    Thursday, January 7, 2010
    By Journal Staff

    The Talbot murder trial is finally underway in Suffolk Superior Court.

    We hope that this trial will finally and forever determine the true events that took place late on a summer night more than 2 years ago on the ball field behind Revere High School.

    It was on that ball field that Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot was shot to death.

    We want this trial to establish exactly what happened, right down to who exactly pulled the trigger, what weapon exactly was used, who were the true perpetrators of this ghastly crime?

    It is important and it is right that justice must be done in this case that has taken so long to come to trial.

    The innocent must be let free.

    The criminals must be made to suffer.

  3. No one, cop or civilian, is blood-tested after a public drinking arrest. That's illegal without a warrant. Even an obviously drunk driver has an absolute right to refuse a Breathalyzer test.

    All of the officers present were disciplined. One was fired. The murder victim's fiancee, a civilian, watched her loved one die before her eyes. That's punishment enough for a misdemeanor if you ask me.

    No one anywhere suggested that Talbot drew his piece after the shot was fired. Only the wackiest anonymous sources claim drugs were involved.

    Seriously, posts like this are embarrassing for those of us who want social justice.

  4. Hey Reverist, warrants are often obtained when people involved are drinking, with gunplay, and a death.

    And as an officer and employee you are subject to different rules regarding when you may be tested, simple as that my friend.

    You're talking to a former AAG and private attorney my friend so you can't fool me.

    Discipline when did that occur? You got any proof? What were the disciplines for?

    And the one who was fired, I called for that long before it happened on my personal blog.

    Also, there have been claims that Officer Talbot drew his gun after he was shot, as opposed to him threatening a suspected perp with it, ab initio.

    You want more trial analysis and commentary well here it is, connect the dots.

  5. This blog is set for PST, which means when I post this comment it will read 5:18 instead of 8:18 EST.

    So who then, is Reverist? It comes back to the Revere Journal but oddly enough the DA Association was in these comments at that exact same time i.e. 5:42 which is really 2:42, prompting me to state the following:

    Also, don't be writing in here from the DA's office pretending to be a private citizen, I know the DA's office was reading this comment section about the time the comment was posted.

    As I said, I'm smarter than the average bear.

    IP Address [Label IP Address]
    Country United States
    Region Massachusetts
    City Roslindale
    ISP Massachusetts District Attorneys Association

    8th January 2010 17:42:33 Page View

    8th January 2010 17:42:39 Page View

  6. Quick trial updates:

    From the comments over at the Boston Herald my response to an angry anonymous LE.

    "No excuse in defending criminals such as these gang members."

    .....Ummm..... in America, you are assumed innocent until proven guilty. That's why we have what they call... ummm.... what's that word again.... oh, yeah, TRIALS.

    Speaking of which, the Union President testified today that he even noticed the flat tire on Officer Soto's pickup, and that his report did not reflect any of the conversation he had with Officer Soto at the scene. It's kind of awkward having the Union President wear dual hats as lead Officer at the scene as well.

    Almost an impossible task if you think about it.

  7. officer goodwin shot talbot in the back of the head because he was going to testify against do you like them apples?? how does a beretta nine which iacavello was shooting from a hundred yards away hit talbot in the head??? REVERE POLICE ARE REALLY A BUNCH OF MOBSTERS....what about andrew lauria shaking down drug dealers for money in the cooledge st projects in revere??