Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KingCast and TOUCH FM ask EMC Mortgage: "Why did you force pay Octavia Collins' January mortgage payment before the expiration of her grace period?"

Dear Tamika and all EMC Mortgage officers:

I am placing a telephone call to you this morning because you force-paid her January mortgage payment. Having closed +200 residential loans myself I can think of no legal authority for you to take such action.

I have full authority from Ms. Collins to call you at 866.475.7329; she last spoke with Tamika at 3:13pm on 13 January 2009 and Ms. Collins reports that she was treated very rudely and no one will speak to her about her account anymore. She states further that her bank managers at Citibank have also been cut off and ignored when they telephoned your offices. If you don't respond we will report you to the Massachusetts Division of Banks, not that we trust them to do anything about it, but that's just the beginning. I note that you parent company JP Morgan has a history of racism and was ranked at the bottom of the NAACP rankings with a C-, more on this soon.


Christopher King, J.D.

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