Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial 21 Jan. 2010 -- Evan Franklin: "I would say I was highly intoxicated."

Alllllrighty then.... at today's trial I have not rolled video yet because NECN was here first, with the pool. I have taken some decent stills though, a first for bloggers in Boston. Note to self: There is not enough light in that room to pull of Big Photos, I might try to resize a couple of these but I wanted the baseball one to be large though. Soto's truck was parked where the car is parked in that photo. Anwway, 640/480 is it from here on. More details in a few minutes.

PS: They were drinking in the car before they got to Margaritas, and they were drinking shots at Margarita's too. As far as Evan Franklin goes run a word search for "Franklin" on my personal blog.

What I still can't believe was the testimony from Franklin today, "we were (only) expecting a fist fight."

WHAT??? Dude, you guys are POLICE!

I'm sitting here as a former AAG right now thinking to myself... whoa.... city police officers cruising around with open containers and grown-*ssed men gonna' mix it up with young kids, unbelievable. Have you seen Bobby? I'm a relatively small guy and I could break him in half. Seriously, at 5"10" 170 I dwarf him. This whole thing is just patently absurd. I had to school some folks over at the Boston Globe about this case, particularly of Evan Franklin's checkered past and the fact that this is not the first time he has run from an accident, as noted in the comments.....

I have a date tonight, enough of this insanity for now. More detail on today's trial late night or in the wee morning hours before tomorrow's session.

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  1. Franklin's picture says it all. I railed on this guy a long time ago, read it right here.

    "Franklin and a friend (Todd Randall) were involved in a two-car accident on Route 1 in August of 1995 and fled the scene on foot. Read the last paragraph. The two men were soon to graduate from the police academy, but resigned from the force following the incident. Franklin was re-hired after going through the police academy again in May 1997."


    That's a recipe for negligent hire and retention screaming right at you.

    But the town government out there just doesn't get it.... Wait until you hear about the firefighter that caved in some bloke's head and got promoted.

    You read that right.

    -The KingCaster.

    PS: The State had better be coming with some Quincy, M.E. style forensics to describe whence that bullet came that killed Officer Talbot or they will have a tough time getting any convictions out of this. Not saying it's impossible, but I'm still seeing all kinds of reasonable doubt and we haven't even got to the Defense case (not sure if they plan to put anyone on the stand or not).

  2. Another thing: Without some type of medical/forensic testimony as to bullet fragment and approach angle, I gotta say it's entirely possible that Officer Talbot was felled by friendly fire.

    Look at that long narrow chute in the baseball field photograph that Officer Soto -- the worst marksman who did not pass his exam -- had to shoot through as he took cover behind the blue trash barrel.

    Officer Talbot was found on the grassline/walkway.

    What if Talbot had turned to his left to check up on his posse and caught it from that direction, it certainly is possible. That bullet hole in Officer Soto's pickup truck, parked at the end of the chute where the headlights appear, was probably from Soto and it was on the left corner of the truck, on the bumpah'.

    Look at the relationship/proximity of where the pickup was to where the grassline/walkway is. I shoot guns sometimes (well, not when I'm drunk I don't) and I can tell you that ain't a whole lotta' wiggle room, especially if you're plastered.

    Point being that without further evidence that is one plausible explanation. The State had better step up the game if it hopes to gain a conviction.

    I'm serious as a heart attack.

    -The KingCaster

  3. The friendly fire story has been going on since that night, and I heard that is what most of the city believes. That's why this case kept being postponed.

  4. 5:40

    Listen to Attorney Krupp describe the direction of Officer Talbot's body in his closing argument videos at the top of the page.

    It is odd, to say the least.

    -The Editor.