Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daniel Talbot trial continues 13, 14 Jan: Who's on the phone, who's pulling the strings and who is the puppet-master?

12 Jan 2010 is here.

13 Jan 2010 -- I was not in attendance but a Court observer told me that the State brought in wireless professionals to try to establish that Defendant Robert Iacoviello Jr. answered a phone call from Derek Lodie. It is my understanding that they could only show that Lodie made the calls but it was never established that Mr. Iacoviello ever answered that call because he was on a totally different phone call at the time. I might request a cost estimate for that transcript.

14 Jan 2010: The Defense Team spent most of the day discrediting the testimony of career-criminal in-the-making Johnny Heang and showing that he had motive, design and plan to kill someone by noting, inter alia (gotta' use that phrase once per post) that he was the only Blood Gang member present anywhere that night, and that it was his entire scheme to get the gun and to bring the gun to the crime scene. Note however that a courtroom observer has informed me that Defendant Iacoviello has a Bloods tattoo, read the comments. If anybody has a legitimate point about anything that they witnessed at trial feel free to post it here, this is an OPEN FORUM people, no need to be hating on anybody, got it? I don't play that.

They also established through Heang that Defendant Iacoviello did not carry a gun as a matter of course, and that Derek Lodie did not ask for any help and did not have designs to stick around the baseball field/bleacher area. Heang admitted that it was he who designed all of that because he was upset that the LE (whom he thought were some youth from the Northgate Crew with whom he had a prior fight) were trash-talking the Bloods. They also pointed out that Heang never said Defendant Iacoviello shot anyone after the shooting, he just said "We shot someone."

They also pointed out numerous lies that Heang has told over the past two years, about where he lived, the fact that he only now says that Defendant Iacoviello purchased a gun safe that he allegedly kept at Heang's house, and that he only now admits he was "going to the high school to start some trouble." Here are some interesting Talking Points on X/E as Heang admitted he illegally test-fired the gun shortly before the tragedy:

Krupp: "You testified you were using Derek Lodie as bait...... When Derek Lodie called you the first time he didn't seem to need a ride did he?"
Heang: "Nah."
Q: It was your idea to go get Derek Lodie?"
A: "Yah."
Q: It was your idea to get a gun?"
A: "Yah."
Q: "You directed Tom Papandrea to go to your house?"
A: "Yah"
Q: "You go upstairs and unlock the safe to get the gun?"
A: "Yah."

Davis: "Did Bobby have access [to the gun in the safe at your house]?"
Heang: Anytime Bobby want the gun he could come and get it."
Q: "Did that ever happen?"
A: "No."
Q: "That never happened did it?"
A: "No."
Q: "You told Derek, stay there the cavalry's coming?"
A: "Yah."
Q: "Derek -- he didn't say anything about wanting to confront them did he?"
A: "No."

Hmmmm..... Reminds of a Mario Puzo book cover, or the chorus from this jam from Echo and the Bunnymen, "The Puppet."

You knew about this.....
With your head in your hands....
All along
I was the puppet
I was the puppet


  1. At the scene, Heang claims he was walking up the path with Mr. Papandrea to his right and Defendant Iacoviello trailing, and that as Lodie was speed-walking towards them, Iacoviello fired a shot and he was almost next to him, Officer Talbot, facing the youth, fell to his right, then the people in the group (The LE) shot about 3 times in response, and "Bobby shot twice in the air."


    Q: You don't know whether Derek Lodie had a gun, you don't know that, right?
    A: Yah.

    Q: You don't know whether Tommy Papandrea had one either, you don't know that either, right?"
    A: Yah


    Q: It wasn't Bobby's idea to get the gun was it?"
    A: No

    Q: You knew Bobby as a matter of course didn't carry a gun, right?
    A: Yes

    Q: You never saw Bobby actually fire the gun, did you?
    A: No.

  2. Once again you are telling half the story.... You shouldn't be posting half the facts. You only showed up during the XE and then you left before the redirect. I would correct you on a few things but is it really worth it. It looks like only you and I have even read this. With that been said I feel pretty stupid for even wasting my time. I will promise you if you would have stayed longer you would know that Bobbie had a bigger conection with the "Bloods" so much of a connection that he has a tattoo representing the bloods on his hands. And there is more. You just keep taking pictures and recording my friend.

  3. 7:21

    You show your bias and ignorance. You have seen that I track this site and the DA lives in it and believe me actually close to a hundred hits have come in to this post since yesterday night when I posted it.

    You SHOULD tell the other half because I can't be there all of the time, I WELCOME you to do so in this space, this is an OPEN FORUM.

    The fact that Bobby has a Bloods tattoo I do find relevant, thank you for sharing that information, but lose the 'tude man, it gets you nowhere.

    I have repeatedly stated that when the State cross-examines the Defendants witnesses during its case in chief I will report that as well, so just relax, max.

    X/E is pretty much all that's worth covering, you can get a ham sandwich to say anything on direct, duh.

    See you Monday.

    -The Editor.

    PS: No, I will not keep taking pictures and recording my friend, until I get whatever press creds that the Court requires. The rules in NH are 100% opposite to that, funny how Mass runs their game, the birthplace of the revolution ;)

  4. This is the Rule in NH, why is NH so far ahead of Massachusetts, thank you for the subject of my next blog entry, going up right about.... NOW.

    NH bids to make courts current with technology.

    "Electronic devices have been common in New Hampshire courts for years, used by members of the press and members of the public. The updated policy, as a uniform guideline, states that laptop computers, personal digital assistants, cell phones and related electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom unless a presiding justice finds the use of a particular device will disrupt a particular proceeding. Cell phones must be in "silent mode" in court.

    Audio recorders, video cameras, and still cameras are also permitted, including cell phone cameras."

    I'll be sure to present a copy of said story to His Honor on Monday, he seems like a Good Judge, whether he agrees or not he's gonna see that other jurisdictions do it differently, and it will cause him to think about things, and isn't that what life is all about?

    Critical thinking. You are free to share yours here any day my brother/sister.

    -The Editor.

  5. As promised.

    See that's the thing about me is whether you like me or not, I don't care. But what I promise to give you, I'll give you. When the State does the X/E during Defendant's case in chief I will report what comes out of that, sound fair?

    You know it is.

    -The Editor.

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