Monday, January 25, 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial 25 Jan. 2010: Sweating bullets.

KingCast Public Records Request: Dear Police Chief Reardon:

Please provide a copy of any and all documents that address the discipline, if any, of Officers Joseph Rizzuti and Antonio DeAllegro relative to any and all police brutality or any physical abuse complaints. Please also provide a copy of any and all documents pertaining to any Federal mandates or supervision to which the Revere Police Department has been subject to since 2000. Documents means emails, notes, memoranda all paper or electronic documents. Please respond within the 10 days allotted by MGL 66 § 10.

EVENING UPDATE: Anticipated videos will be Canavin X/E on hydra shock bullets, trajectory and found casings (3 vids), Re-Direct and 3 vids of Robert Iacoviello's police interview. I have no idea what was going on in that interview, I have to listen to it again. It's pretty vague except for that he bailed Gia Nagy out for some petty offense for $40 I believe and the part when he declares that "Cat" ran in to the party and said that "5 kids with gats ran up on a cop and shot him."

The reason for the tree pic is that there was projectile damage to a tree. Not sure where this is going but there was testimony that Defendant Iacoviello shot warning rounds into the air. And of course Krupp might be implying that the shot came from LE (either first or subsequent fire) but that it was off base and struck the tree. His bigger point, however -- and I can guarantee you this -- is that it wasn't thoroughly inspected. And as I stated earlier, a suspect investigation might yield the NG he's looking for. New pics are up, look for vids throughout the evening, should be starting around 7:30 and proceed from day to day as required.
Soooo..... The action continued hot and heavy this morning as Defense counsel, by and through Peter Krupp, attempted to poke holes in the testimony of Brian J. Canavin. I had previously noted that Mr. Canavin has a strong yet down-to-earth sort of presence. He handles the technical stuff well and he’s pretty convincing in his attempts to put the fatal bullet to the weapon he reassembled.

Krupp is in the process of making five basic contentions, all of which I believe I captured on video for review this evening:

1. Too many pieces parts of unknown spring tensions and other variables tainted the evaluative process.

2. The two 9MM shells that allegedly came from the reassembled gun that were found further away from the bleachers were not located in a timely fashion.

3. The injection molding process of a Hi-Point slide renders certain markings that are unique regardless of the sand-belt finishing that imparts unique specific characteristics.

4. Evidence was destroyed and not inventoried that could have helped establish the approach angle and effective height of the shooter who put the bullet into Officer Soto’s truck tire.

“Did you photograph the tire when it was off the car”
“Did you maintain the tire?”
“Did you maintain the bumper?”

5. Officer Talbot’s weapon had one non-spec hydra shock round in the chamber and 3 others in the magazine. The hydra schock round is on the right.
“Do you inventory or know where they were in the chamber?”

Frankly I don't think the State has made its case yet so Krupp thinks he's #1 with a bullet; let's see what the State can accomplish against his witnesses in the waning days of this historic trial. One of the .40 Cal police issue casings allegedly from Officer Soto's gun is precipitously poised on top of a Gatorade bottle, fascinating stuff here.

This was the supplemental loose-leaf material set up this morning concerning my review of another tragic police shooting:
Some tool keeps saying I am anti-cop. As a former LE Attorney I can tell you that is far from true, I still have many LE friends. What is true is that I loathe irresponsible LE and coverups, I'll give him that much. And what good LE doesn't? That sort of activity taints the image of Good LE for crissakes. Off to trial.


  1. I think you are a great human being... If it were not for you, I would not and others would get the whole truth.. Thank you for being our eyes and ears of this trial. Humbly, Susan