Sunday, January 10, 2010

Howie Carr and racist Boston Herald launch another hate campaign against a black man, this time it's Governor Deval Patrick.

Here is Howie Carr's 10 January 2010 Sunday editorial. Carr and Jay Severin, setting Boston culture back to the days of slavery, underground railroads and watermelon-sucking caricatures.

Here is my response in a comment:

"Well I don't know Howie, I think Governor Patrick is trying to clean up the Criminal Justice System, the same system that you guys support, even as some folks there like James Bender are keeping major information away from his appointee, Commissioner Harold Clarke but those days are what is numbered, My Friend:

Good thing to see the Herald has at least graduated from calling black men "Coons" though, as you did to (first black Corrections Commissioner) John Boone as noted in the above linky.

And don't you dare remove this comment, I'm saving the web page."


  1. PS: Now having visited Darrell, the only thing that I observed other than his integrity is the FACT that EVERYBODY kisses and hugs during visitation, and I don't mean sibling kisses, I mean soul kisses that you give your lover.

    Read the Discipline Ticket against Mr. Jones nothing that he kissed and hugged Ms. Marinova.

    They are singling him out, so I am going to single out who's doing the singling.

    Of course I'm sure I'll have help in this quest for Justice from larger media with additional resources, Governor Patrick, for whom I have volunteered, Commissioner Clarke and Mary Beth Heffernan, whose email directly tells Ms. Marinova to bring it on.

    She did, and she got clobbered along with Darrell Jones and everybody who cares about Prison reform and Justice. It was a set up.

    Listen to me say it on the radio/YouTube interview; it's No Word of a Lie.

    Now is the time.

    -The Editor.

  2. The D-Ticket showing DISMISSAL of sexual acts charge -- and which doesn't even mention Ms. Marinova, so she couldn't have been "bagged" for anything, as noted in the radio show/YouTube audio.

    -The Editor.

  3. The Herald downloaded the D-Ticket on 5 Jan 2010:

    Host Name
    IP Address [Label IP Address]

    5th January 2010 13:35:44 Page View marinova and darrell jones&

    5th January 2010 13:36:14 Download

    5th January 2010 13:36:14 Download

    5th January 2010 18:45:18 Page View No referring link

    5th January 2010 18:45:46 Page View

    10th January 2010 12:15:47 Page View No referring link

    10th January 2010 13:20:20 Page View No referring link