Friday, January 22, 2010

A KingCast sobering thought: What if Dan Talbot was killed by friendly fire?

Without some type of medical/forensic testimony as to bullet fragment and approach angle, I gotta say it's entirely possible that Officer Talbot was felled by friendly fire. Look at that long narrow chute in the baseball field photograph that Officer Soto -- the worst marksman who did not pass his exam -- had to shoot through as he took cover behind the blue trash barrel.

Officer Talbot was found on the grassline/walkway.

What if Talbot had turned to his left to check up on his posse and caught it from that direction, it certainly is possible. That bullet hole in Officer Soto's pickup truck, parked at the end of the chute where the headlights appear, was probably from Soto and it was on the left corner of the truck, on the bumpah'.

Look at the relationship/proximity of where the pickup was to where the grassline/walkway is. I shoot guns sometimes (well, not when I'm drunk I don't) and I can tell you that ain't a whole lotta' wiggle room, especially if you're plastered.

Point being that without further evidence that is one plausible explanation. The State had better step up the game if it hopes to gain a conviction.

I'm serious as a heart attack.

-The KingCaster

PS: Don't get salty with me, I'm only stating the obvious.

NOTE: This post is updated here, noting the State's witness Brian J. Canavin's testimony on the rifling marks and casings found.

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